Give to the Department (Amici Di Musica)

Founded in 2009, Amici di Musica at Evangel is an organization consisting of music lovers who contribute time and resources to help the Music Department at Evangel University realize its goals and provide enrichment opportunities for the students and faculty. Amici di Musica at Evangel is proud to be a part of one of the finest Christian university music programs in the United States.

Over the years, many individuals and families have given money and time to the Evangel University Music Department. Amici di Musica at Evangel helps facilitate the effort of those who wish to contribute time and resources to the department and acknowledge these individuals, families, businesses, churches, etc. One example is the establishment of scholarships. While it is difficult for any student to work and go to school at the same time, it is especially challenging for music students, who are required to be in ensembles and performances and also devote specific hours each day to practice as well as study. Many of our students work one or more part-time jobs in order to afford their education, so it goes without saying that all of them are grateful for the costs and fees that these scholarships cover. Other areas that can be enriched include classroom resources (such as technology upgrades, the acquisition of special music collections, and research materials), instrumental purchases, conference travel for music faculty, etc.

Please consider joining Amici di Musica at Evangel. Your gift will mean so much to all of the students, faculty and staff at the Evangel University Music Department.


Membership into Amici di Musica at Evangel is offered for the academic year on an annual basis. In addition to receiving the satisfaction that your donation is strengthening music education and opportunities at Evangel University, Amici di Musica at Evangel members will receive recognition in all major Evangel University programs and Overtones (the annual Music Department magazine) as well as special invitations to privately hosted receptions with select guest artists. The levels of contributions are:

VIRTUOSO $5,000+ ~ Includes membership in the Evangel President’s Club
MAESTRO $1,000 – $4,999
IMPRESARIO $500 – $999
COMPOSER $250 – $499
FRIEND $50 – $249
CORPORATE SPONSOR $2,500 ~ Enjoy the business benefits of supporting our future musicians while reaching a high-caliber audience at one of the country’s premier departments of music.

To give online

Use Evangel’s online giving site and enter your donation amount next to Amici Di Musica.

For more information, please contact Tonya Thurman in the Evangel University Music Office at (417) 865-2815 ext. 7211 or by email.