Download the 2014-15 edition of Overtones (pdf) today!

Greetings from the Music Department:

The Music Department of Evangel University has consistently demonstrated musical excellence and diversity in music education, performance and worship arts ministry. This tradition without exception has reached new levels of impact and influence in the local community and around the world.

The department’s publication “Overtones” historically provided a medium to showcase the ongoing activities and accomplishments of the department on a yearly basis.  We have been privileged up to this point to provide this publication via mail to a concentrated group of alumni, and now with the popularity and ability of online publications “Overtones” will transition to an online publication that will have a broader scope of accessibility to not only alumni but present enrolled students to enjoy.

We look forward to keeping you in touch on a more regular basis through this advanced step.  Your partnership with EU is of the utmost importance.  I welcome your collaboration with us as we step into the newest chapter of excellence in education at EU.

Tom Matrone
Chairman/Music Department