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blog8Evangel is committed to preparing students for their vocational calling, both in ministry and in the marketplace. Our Science and Technology students are uniquely gifted with the ability to serve others through the sciences. Whether discovering a truth about the environment or prescribing helpful relief for someone in need, students have a proud tradition of representing their faith in the field. Check out some of the exciting study opportunities that our teams have pursued in the past and consider how your passion will be on display at EU.

Evangel partners with HealthCare Ministries to hold clinic in Peru

Dr. Rick Honderick had never brought this much insulin on a medical trip before. But when a Peruvian woman walked into the clinic that morning with a blood sugar level of 578, he was prepared.

After an examination, he sent her home with enough insulin for the next few days, advising her to check in with the medical team throughout the week.  As he prepared to leave Peru at the end of that week, he instructed the local missionaries to keep in contact with him about her and left them with even more insulin – enough to last her for two years…

Jill Kalinowski

Evangel healthcare students make medical trip to Haiti

A team of seven Evangel University students and one faculty member partnered with medical professionals through Assemblies of God HealthCare Ministries to provide medical, dental and optical care to the people of Les Cayes, Haiti. More than 925 patients were seen during the four days of the clinic.

In addition, 11 complex gastrointestinal procedures were performed by Dr. Peter Ramsey, a gastrointestinal specialist from Springfield, Missouri. Three of the physicians and the pharmacist also gave several health education lectures through the week on various subjects, such as hypertension, abortion and women’s health issues, GERD, and taking prescription medications appropriately.

Evangel University medical missions trip to Haiti

Evangel medical team gets hands-on training while serving in India

A team of Evangel pre-med and nursing students traveled to India with a group of medical professionals to provide medical care to people in underserved parts of India.

The 21-member team consisted of 10 medical professionals (three physicians, an optical technician, a pharmacist, a pharmacist assistant, a dentist, a dental assistant and two nurses), 10 Evangel students and Dr. Michael Tennison.


Marine Biology class takes diving trip to Florida keys

“Science with Lab” is taken to a whole new level in Evangel’s Science and Technology Department. Marine Biology is a class that has recently been offered every odd-year spring semester.

In previous terms, students attended lectures, then followed up with a trip to the Florida Keys for their “lab.” Contact the Science and Technology Department to find out about upcoming trip opportunities.

Biology Trip