Theology and Church Ministries

Department of Church Ministries

The Church Ministries Department exists to provide holistic Bible-based leadership programs to ensure the Body of Christ is being effectively matured and strengthened. Opportunities abound for well-prepared ministers who are thoughtful, passionate, and skilled in reaching their world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Evangel has equipped some of the world’s great ministers and missionaries, helping them develop Bible-based thinking and reasoning, Holy Spirit inspired passion and compassion, and polished skills in preaching, teaching and leadership.

Professors in the Church Ministries Department build on unique and diverse experiences in the local church and on the mission field when preparing and teaching courses. Evangel’s embedded seminary also provides direct access to pursuing a graduate degree — some students even earn their B.A. and M.Div. seamlessly in six years or their B.A. and MA in Christian Ministries in five years.


Majors Minors Concentrations Adult Program
Church Leadership (BA/BS) Church Leadership Church Leadership Church Ministries
Preaching (BA/BS) Children’s Ministries Preaching
Youth Ministries (BA/BS) Youth Ministries Youth Ministries
 Children’s Ministries Children’s Ministries 

Meet Dr. Mark Wootton — Pastor, Church Planter and Professor

Dr. WootonDr. Mark Wootton joined the Central Bible College (now Evangel University) faculty to teach church ministries courses in 2000.

Prior to teaching, Wootton served as a church planter in Ohio and as a lead pastor in Arizona and Missouri.

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