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Three reasons Anthony Moore (’03) is a bad pastor

It’s been 13 years since Evangel’s National Championship basketball run. I was part of that 35-1 squad in 2001-02, and so much has taken place since those glory days....

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Vision Magazine│Redefining Community with Chris and Jan Beard (’89)

Chris and Jan Beard are spreading a reconciling message and pulling people together in the heart of their city.  ...

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Nannette Thomas (’07): Shares hope through Lost & Found Grief Center

Nannette Thomas serves as Program and Resource Coordinator at Lost & Found Grief Center, helping those who have endured trauma find a path to recovery....

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Rebecca Grant Shults will speak on the topic of “The Human Right” during the Grand Finale of the AG Centennial event on Sunday, Aug. 10 at the JQH Arena in Springfield, Mo.

Rebecca Grant Shults (’04): Rehabilitating trafficked women through Rescue Arts

Rebecca Grant Shults has looked squarely into the face of human desperation, but she also has seen the love of Christ free the human spirit and transform lives. She puts her hope in the God who ...

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Herbert Cooper_web

Herbert Cooper (’97): Pastor and church planter

Church planting is one of the main topics of the 100 year celebration event for the Assemblies of God. Herbert Cooper, a 1997 Evangel graduate, is passionate about this topic. He believes the ...

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Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson (’92): Bestselling Author & Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Mark Batterson was prayer walking through a field in rural Minnesota after his freshman year of college when he had a “burning bush” experience that altered the course of his life and ...

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VISION: Fresh Air for the Windy City

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VISION: Changed Up with Jon and Jennifer Barratt

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2016 spring vision (14)-12

VISION: Toni Robinson’s Stage Presents

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VISION: Janine Maxwell’s Hope for Africa

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Janine Maxwell cover

VISION: No Pain – Our Gain

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Dr Josh Little-cover