Theology and Church Ministries

Undergraduate Programs

Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Interpretation of the Bible remains a controversial matter not only in the church, but also the academy. How about a degree that would better enable you to understand and apply the Scriptures? ...

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Intercultural Studies (Missions)

Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies

As the “global village” shrinks and the workplace becomes international and multinational, it is more likely that Christians in a variety of technical and professional disciplines ...

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Youth Ministries

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministries

The B.A./B.S. in Youth Ministries is designed to equip and prepare students for comprehensive ministry focused on youth. Both versions of the Youth Ministries degree are designed as comprehensive ...

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Church Leadership

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership

The B.A/B.S in Church Leadership is for those who are seeking to serve as leaders in the local church. Both versions of the Church Leadership degree are designed as comprehensive majors. They are ...

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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The Philosophy programs are designed to develop analytic thinking skills and give students an understanding of major themes in the history of philosophy and how those have affected the world....

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Adult Programs

Church Ministries (Seated and Online)

Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries

Accelerated online or seated courses within the Church Ministries program provides focused, quality adult learning in a convenient format. ...

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