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Outside scholarships can come from any source outside of the school. There are thousands of different outside scholarships available to students, offered by organizations, government entities, and even families. It is important to search for outside scholarships early and often in your high school career.

Many people don’t realize that a student can begin applying for outside scholarships from the time they enter high school as a freshman. You simply want to pay attention to the requirements for the scholarships and whether or not it is awarded to underclassmen.

If you have visited Evangel, you have probably heard us stress the importance of outside scholarships. We’ve done our best to compile a list below. Please use them as a resource, but understand this is not a comprehensive list for all outside scholarships that are available.

The scholarships listed below are not issued by Evangel University. They are public scholarships available to anyone who meets their requirements. Evangel University does not endorse the scholarship programs listed below and does not maintain their websites. Evangel University is not involved in the selection of recipients. Each program lists additional criteria on their websites.

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General Scholarships The search engines listed have scholarship banks ranging from a few to several hundred. Evangel University does not endorse the sites in their entirety, but provides links for your convenience.

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