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Behavioral Health (Online)

A career in the behavioral health field places you at the nexus of health care and psychology. Our Adult Studies Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health provides the foundational skills needed to address emotional, relational, and cognitive issues.

Business Management (Online)

Be prepared to think critically and lead strategically. Our Adult Studies Bachelor of Science in Business Management provides you with the managerial skills of planning, organizing, leading, and directing.

Business Management A.A. (Online)

Our online program is designed for busy professionals like you. Study anywhere, anytime, and advance your business career through our streamlined degree program.

Certificate in Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention (Online)

Learn how to compassionately intervene in the life of a person in crisis who may be considering suicide through the pursuit of our comprehensive certificate.

Church Ministries (Online)

God has called you into ministry. We can help you get there. Our Adult Studies Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries prepares you to serve in a church leadership position as a pastor, staff member, or lay leader, or in a leadership position at a Christian non-profit organization.

Computer Information Systems (Online)

Jump into the world of information systems and learn skills in computers, communications, and software in this online program that will help launch your career.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction (Online & Seated)

Educators with a deep understanding of curriculum and technology provide leadership to shape the future of education. Our Doctor of Education Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction equips you to be an effective leader who leaves a lasting impact on the field of education.

General Studies A.A. (Online)

Refine your interests and identify your career trajectory through our comprehensive general studies program that gives you flexibility to pursue courses that appeal to you.

General Studies B.S. (Online)

Our flexible online bachelor’s degree program will equip you for success and advance your career through integrated core classes and hands-on application.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Learn the keys to advancing your organization by identifying significant, data-driven, measurable improvements in business-oriented processes and methods.

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Leadership (Online)

Highly skilled educators shape today’s students while anticipating and preparing for the needs of tomorrow. Our Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction equips you with the latest instruction and curriculum design techniques so you can become an innovative teacher-leader who effectively meets the learning challenges of an ever-changing world.

Master of Education in Educational Leadership (Online)

If you’re a big-picture thinker with a desire to impact students across all grade levels, consider becoming a principal with the help of our Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree.

Master of Education in Literacy (Online)

Teachers with a deep understanding of literacy can offer students a future filled with possibilities. Our Master of Education in Literacy prepares you to become a certified reading specialist equipped to work in classrooms, Title I schools, and in interventionist and administrative roles.

Master of Leadership and Ministry

This 45-credit professional studies degree prepares ministers to lead in the Church, becoming lifelong learners who develop models of personal and professional growth.

Master of Organizational Leadership (Online)

Leading an organization is about developing synergy to propel people and ideas forward. The application-oriented coursework is designed to increase your organizational and leadership knowledge. Our Master of Organizational Leadership program is delivered online.

Master of Theology

The Th.M. program is designed for a student with a graduate degree to advance his or her knowledge of a major field of theological research, particularly through the acquisition of, and practice in, the methods and tools of theological research.