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Literacy Lab

What is the Literacy Lab Program?

Evangel University’s Master of Education in Literacy program hosts a free literacy lab during the month of June, which provides one-on-one and small group reading support. Each student will receive a total of twelve tutoring sessions during a three-week period. The literacy lab is available to elementary, middle and high school students, attending public school, private school, or homeschool. To be eligible for this free service, parents must sign a commitment form ensuring their child’s attendance for all twelve days of the lab. Students will receive one-on-one reading support from a graduate student enrolled in the Master of Education in Literacy program. Elementary students (K-4) need to commit to all three weeks and secondary students (fifth grade and up) need to commit to all three weeks.

How Do I Apply?

Anyone interested in the clinic must submit their applications by April 1st. Applications can be submitted with the online form here.

For additional information, contact the department t (417) 865-2815, ext. 8554.

Lab Schedule

The clinic will serve selected students daily Monday – Thursday mornings from June 3 – June 20, 2019 at the following times:

8:30-9:20 am8:30-9:20 am8:30-9:20 am8:30-9:20 am
9:40-10:30 am9:40-10:30 am9:40-10:30 am9:40-10:30 am
10:50-11:40 am10:50-11:40 am10:50-11:40 am10:50-11:40 am


“Each of these graduate students is working toward state certification as a reading specialist. Throughout these sessions, they analyze and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of each student reader, then develop a plan to help them grow.” – Dr. Becky Huechteman

“The response has been exceptional. My daughter runs in here every day with a smile. This has been a wonderful experience for us. The teachers are incredible, and they give us tools and projects to work on at home.” Andrea Adkins, Parent

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