Center for Compassion

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Location: Zimmerman Hall 208

Phone: (417) 865-2815
Location: Zimmerman Hall 208

The Center for Compassion provides opportunities for people from both inside and outside of the Evangel community to engage with people needing compassion through service, education, and research. This compassion may be expressed locally, nationally, or globally. These experiences may occur as part of an event, practicum or internship, resulting in a lifetime calling to compassion, regardless of vocation. The Center programs are available for current students, alumni, local and international organizations, and churches.

The Center for Compassion serves as a liaison for Evangel students, by connecting them with organizations and agencies that provide experiences in the practical application of compassionate service, while earning their degree. Students completing internships and volunteer opportunities learn of the fulfillment and meaning that is provided with a hands-on experience while considering how they will live out their calling.

The Center also coordinates training opportunities for students, alumni, community members, churches and organizations desiring to learn how to effectively demonstrate compassion through action. Examples of training include crisis relief efforts as well as programming for those needing long-term approaches to best meet individual and community needs.

For researchers, the center partners with service providers in helping with data collection and evaluation, to identify efficacy of care and provide evidence of best-practices in showing compassion to people with specific needs.

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