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Evangel professor Mark Wootton’s book to be published in journal for ministers

January 27, 2014 | Kim Jeyaraj

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Dr. Mark Wootton, professor of Pentecostal leadership at Evangel University, has been invited to feature his book, The Complete Pentecostal, in Life Publishers’ journal for European pastors.

Life Publishers is a Christian multi-platform publisher that provides evangelical literature in more than 30 languages.

They will release one chapter of The Complete Pentecostal in each issue of their quarterly journal. The first issue was published in January 2014.

“The publishers of the journal already have translated this book into Thai and Burmese for distribution,” Wootton said. “It is an honor to have it released now in Eastern Europe.”

About the book

The Complete Pentecostal gives biblical basis for living a Pentecostal life and the characteristics that should be prominent in the lives of Pentecostals.

“Foundational to the life of a Pentecostal is a call to be involved in evangelism,” Wootton said.

“The book explores the biblical basis for that call and the resulting responsibility for Pentecostals to live as ‘complete Pentecostals,’” Wootton explains.

Wootton’s writing has been beneficial to many pastors in Europe, especially since there is a need for articles with an emphasis on Pentecost.

The Complete Pentecostal was published in 2010 and will be translated into eight additional European languages.

Wootton has 25 years of pastoral experience and has served as a church planter and professor. Academically, he has held positions as divisional chair, vice president for college advancement, executive vice president and president. He and his wife, Joy, have four married children and six grandchildren.

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Wootton at (417) 865-2811, ext. 8575.

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