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Evangel University streamlines student opportunities with AGTS

Published on Aug 17, 2016 by Paul K. Logsdon

Evangel officials have developed a streamlined path of study for its theology students. Shown are Dr. Carol Taylor, president of the University, with Dr. Mark Hausfeld (left), president of AGTS, and Dr. Michael McCorcle, provost and vice president of academic affairs for the University. // PHOTO BY Paul K. Logsdon


SPRINGFIELD, MO — The leadership of Evangel University continues to fine tune its academic structure following the 2013 consolidation with sister-schools Central Bible College and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary into one comprehensive university.

The undergraduate-level Bible programs, faculty and staff of Evangel and CBC have been successfully combined, and the students who transitioned from CBC have completed their degrees at Evangel.

“Beginning this fall, this department of ministry, missions and theology will be unified with AGTS, creating a smoother pathway for vocational-ministry oriented students to continue their education in the seminary’s master’s and doctoral programs,” said Evangel president, Dr. Carol Taylor.

“In fact, this new structure will allow for the formation of accelerated programs that move students through their bachelor’s and master’s programs in less time, getting them to their places of service sooner,” she said.

The five-year accelerated BA/MACM is one of those degrees offered under this new structure. It allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years and an MA in Christian Ministries in one additional year.

In addition to time, there are financial benefits to students by shortening the pathway and, in some cases, cutting a year or more from their academic pursuits.

“Those students who are preparing for vocational ministry also appreciate the value of being able to earn double majors at Evangel in fields such as business, education or counseling,” said Dr. Michael McCorcle, vice president for academic affairs and provost of the university.

“That option can provide supplemental means of earning a living, for those who choose to serve in smaller churches or community-service organizations that may not be able to support a full-time minister,” he said.

Evangel is the national university of arts, sciences and professions (including vocational ministry) for the Assemblies of God. Its eight other academic departments offer 65 majors in the areas of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Business, Communication, Education, Humanities, Kinesiology, Music, and Natural & Applied Sciences.

The seminary leadership

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AGTS is located on the corner of Glenstone & Division, on the north edge of the EU campus. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Regarding the academic structure — the seminary president, Dr. Mark Hausfeld, and university provost, Dr. Michael McCorcle, maintain complementary areas of focus while working closely together to advance academic seminary initiatives.

The provost oversees all academic-focused areas, while the seminary president directs the long-term strategic vision and leadership for AGTS with a special focus on external relations, fundraising and enrollment growth. Both report to the university president, Dr. Carol Taylor.

“This new structure will position the seminary for continued growth and greater effectiveness in the fulfillment of its mission to shape servant leaders with knowledge, skill and passion,” said Hausfeld.

Under Hausfeld and McCorcle will be the newly-appointed dean of the seminary, Dr. Jim Railey, who has been serving on the AGTS faculty for nearly 25 years. He will be assisted by Dr. Paul Lewis as associate dean. Dr. Lewis is a seminary professor affiliated with Assemblies of God World Missions.

Overseeing the academic degree offerings will be Dr. Brandon Schmidly for the bachelor’s programs, Dr. Deborah Gill for the master’s programs, and Dr. Cheryl Taylor for the doctoral programs.

“The purpose of each respective school will be realized by seamlessly preparing women and men as scholars, marketplace ministers, pastors, chaplains and missionaries,” said Dr. Hausfeld.

Dr. Taylor believes the restructuring comes at a crucial moment, pointing out the growing demand for digital and hybrid graduate programs and the University’s responsibility to respond with fresh innovation.

For more information, contact the Seminary Dean’s Office (, 417-268-1014).