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Aimee Short (’09): Convoy of Hope disaster services coordinator

March 14, 2010

Little did Aimee Short know as a student at Evangel University that her dream career would be in full swing within months of her May 2009 graduation. Short is now serving as the disaster services coordinator for Convoy of Hope, an  international hunger-relief and disaster-response organization headquartered in  Springfield, Missouri.

Short says she is thankful that, through the ministry of Convoy of Hope, God has allowed her “to be the hands and feet of Jesus on a  very large scale.”

Short says Evangel’s Public Administration program not only prepared her for this career by teaching academic theories, but also through  the practical application of those concepts. During her senior year, she served  an internship at Convoy of Hope. While she hoped that her experience at Convoy  would one day offer a career opportunity, she did not expect that opportunity  to present itself so soon after graduation.

As the disaster services coordinator, Short handles all  disaster-related communications and office duties during non-disaster days. However,  during a time of disaster — such as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile —  she writes and distributes internal communications, coordinates travel  arrangements and gathers deployment team paperwork. Short is definitely the hands and feet behind those reaching out in disaster relief.

Short is grateful to be part of such a great disaster response  team. She says, “We all have our own  roles, and we could not be as effective without each individual’s specific  functions.”

Even as Short pursues this amazing opportunity with Convoy  of Hope, she still holds her three years at Evangel as some of “the best years  of [her] life.” As an Evangel student she enjoyed powder-puff football, pick-up ultimate Frisbee, standing in line at Chipotle waiting for free food, and  squeezing 20 people into her dorm room for movie night.

Originally from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Short did not actually plan on attending Evangel University, her mother’s alma mater, until she came  to visit a friend one weekend her freshman year of college.  That weekend, after experiencing the  atmosphere and activities on Evangel’s campus, she decided to transfer to  Evangel University.

Short is thankful for the mentorship she received from  Evangel faculty, especially Professor Dale Garrett. “I must give Professor Garrett the credit for my most valuable concept  learned. He always told me that when you show up to work you should show up  early, stay late, and really be there. That lesson has proven itself to be  true, especially when we are all working 16-plus hour days while responding to  a disaster.”

This lesson learned from Professor Garrett  is a great example of the care and personalized study a person can expect as an  Evangel University student.

“It was  exciting watching the Holy Spirit molding Amy during her years at Evangel as He  prepared her for the career roads He had planned for her ahead,” says Professor  Garrett. “I believe her cooperation, working with the Holy Spirit during that  process, is having a direct impact on the tremendous success she is now  experiencing. The mounting trust her supervisors are investing in her is a  living testament of how hard work, and a heart for serving others, coupled with  a strong relationship and dedication to Jesus Christ can change the world.”

For all prospective students considering  Evangel, Short offers this advice: “It’s OK not to have everything all figured  out.  The professors at EU know that life  can be complicated and messy, and they are more than willing to help you figure  it out.”

Aimee Short is a living testimony of a  successful Evangel University alumna, pursuing God’s will for her life. Short  says, “At the risk of sounding cliché, I want to be in the center of the Lord’s  will for my life. Of course I have my own plans, goals, and ideas, but my  desire is to be in the right place and the right time doing the right thing for  the right reasons.”

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