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Joseph Lear (’08): Yale Divinity School student

October 6, 2010

I am a recent graduate of Evangel  University and am now attending Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. Evangel asked me to write a short blurb about how Evangel University prepared me and why I would recommend the Evangel Theology  Department to graduating high school seniors.

In 2006, I realized that I was  severely discontented with my then current school and decided it was necessary to transfer in order to save my academic career. Evangel University came to mind immediately because I knew that Evangel’s biblical studies degree was an academically driven  program that was built in order to prepare students not only for future  ministry, but also for entering seminary. I contacted the Evangel Admissions Department and was simply astounded   at the eagerness of the counselors to help me.

They immediately set up an  appointment for me with one of the professors in the Theology Department who  subsequently demonstrated to me how all of my credits would transfer and how  the Theology Department would allow me to blossom in the areas of biblical  studies that I had grown passionate about. As I finished my degree I was simply amazed at the level of academia in  the classroom that challenged me to work harder, learn more and subsequently  raise my GPA. Within my first year at Evangel I was able to engage in  intellectual dialogue with passionate and highly educated professors through  whom my critical thinking skills were sharpened. I eventually found the very praxis of my life changed based on what I was learning in the classroom.

Upon applying for graduate school, I was confident I could apply at Yale and several other leading universities  because of the level of academic rigor I had experienced at Evangel. Now that I  am attending seminary, I continue to have relationships with Evangel professors who  continue to encourage me in my studies.  My experience has absolutely convinced me that Evangel’s Theology Department  is an outstanding institution to prepare for service in Christ’s Church.

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