Evangel Profile

Katie Helwig (’07): New York City fashion company visual director

February 4, 2011

Katie Helwig is living in New York City, working as visual director for Scoop NYC, a luxury women’s and men’s fashion company with 11 U.S. stores. In her position she is responsible for the visual direction of   all 11 stores. The job entails designing floor plans and trends for the   upcoming seasons. “I create a mock store with the new trends and   photograph it. Then I write a directive for the other stores to follow.” She travels to the other stores about once a month.

Helwig first became interested in visual design as a student at Evangel. While working for Banana Republic, she started rigging mannequins and   setting up floor layouts. As a junior she was able to do an internship in visual design for the New York City fashion house Escada.

After the internship, Helwig, a native of Branson, Missouri, finished her senior year at Evangel and  then moved to New York City. She has worked   for Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman as a visual merchandiser   prior to landing her position at Scoop.

Helwig  says the most important thing she has learned in her career is to learn   from others. “When I first started at Bergdrof Goodman I was working   around the most talented people in the industry, and they knew a lot more than I did,” she says.

“I became a sponge and absorbed everything. I learned so much from them in two years that it allowed me to take on this job.  I am still learning.   Every day I learn something different and it allows me to grow and become   a better leader.”

Helwig credits her Evangel Business Management degree with opening doors for her in the fashion world and her relationships with professors for preparing her   for this career.

“My best memories at Evangel were working and building relationships with Marilyn Campbell, Mrs. (Becky) Rhoades and Pastor Sid.  Marilyn helped   me write my resume, which opened the door for my internship at Escada in New York City. Mrs. Rhoades gave me great advice and support. Pastor Sid arranged a place for me to stay while I was interning in New York. They were all invaluable to my education. These are just a few that went above and beyond to help prepare for life after college, and I owe them a sincere debt of gratitude for their support.”

“I love what I do,” says Helwig.

“I have been so blessed to have a career that I am so passionate about, and I owe it all to God. I know this position would not have been   possible without Him. I was up against too many people, and even though I like to think I am good at what I do, I know He provided me with this job. I thank Him for it all the time.”