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Jason Parr (’06): Kansas City cross-country coach and FCA club adviser

June 2, 2011

As a child, Jason Parr remembers living in a home where he was constantly searching for someone to pay attention to him. In high school a coach who had invested time in Parr asked him to run with the cross-country team. “I looked at this as an open door of belonging to a team and having a coach who truly cared about me,” Parr says.

“He  always showed such genuine concern for every kid. At this point I knew there  was nothing else I would rather do than invest into the lives of young people.”

Parr has done just that.

He  graduated from Evangel University in 2006  with a  Bachelor of Science in Recreation and now works as a track and cross-country coach  for Park Hill High School in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to coaching he is an adviser to the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club.  “I have always felt that God has called me  into the ministry of teaching and coaching,” he says. “I believe that God calls  people to do His work no matter where they are.”

Under  his leadership, FCA has grown from 10 students to several hundred students.  “FCA means so much to me because I get to see young people’s hearts change for  the Kingdom each week in a public high school. Nothing means more to me than  praying with my athletes each and every day.”

In  April of 2011 Park Hill’s FCA hosted their fourth annual rally, a citywide  event that brought about 700 students. The theme was “Follow Me!” based on  Matthew 16:24. A team of students from Evangel University traveled to Kansas  City to assist Parr with the event. Evangel students worked the concession  stand, 3-on-3 basketball, four-square and dodge ball. The group also led  students in a time of worship and connection.

Keith  Hardy, chairman of the Kinesiology Department at Evangel, says the leadership  qualities that have helped Parr succeed in his coaching career were evident  during his time as a student at Evangel. “His work with the local Boys &  Girls Club was amazing,” Hardy says. “He is devoted to mentoring teens,  especially those with the greatest needs. Jason is a positive person and his  energy is contagious.”

Parr  credits the education he received at Evangel and the investment made in him by  professors and coaches with giving him the tools to impact teenagers’ lives  today. “I could not put a price tag on the experiences I had at Evangel,” says  Parr. “The personal relationship with coaches, teachers and peers were top  notch. Not once did I feel like I was just a number. The teachers and coaches  actually care about you. Evangel provides such an amazing opportunity to  explore many different careers as well as ministry opportunities to do God’s  work.

Parr  is married to fellow Evangel alum Rebecca (Webster ‘07) Parr, who is currently  in dental school. They have a 3-year-old daughter named Adelynn.

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