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Dalie Hand (’12): Marketing and Management major

November 26, 2011

As Dalie Hand approached his senior year of high school, he became frustrated because he felt that God had not revealed a life “calling” to him yet. As he continued to seek God’s guidance in choosing a career path, Dalie soon realized that God was calling him to the thing he loved most — business. As a double major in Marketing and Management, Dalie has been able to experience the best of both worlds: a top-notch education in business with a strong emphasis on faith integration.

Dalie had the opportunity to work in two valuable internships in the summer of 2011. In one of these positions, Dalie worked with an Evangel alumnus at Silver Dollar City (SDC) in Branson, Missouri, assisting in developing marketing research. He also worked with the Great Game of Business in Springfield, which has given him experience working with the Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation.

Why did you choose Evangel?

I wanted a place where I could learn to analyze financial statements, markets and the economy as well as read the Bible in context. Evangel is one of the few schools that offers that opportunity.

Did you visit Evangel’s campus before you arrived on campus as a student?

My sister attended Evangel from 2004 to 2008, so it fell on my shoulders to move her in every year. My senior year I visited overnight, which solidified my decision.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

My whole life I enjoyed the complex nature of business and economics. I took as many business courses as I could in high school and competed in DECA. Toward the end of my junior year I was frustrated because I thought God hadn’t “called” me to a specific area of study. One night in prayer I felt God say that He has been calling me to business all along. Sometimes it is as simple as doing what you love.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

The one-on-one time with professors is Evangel’s competitive advantage. I often find myself in one of my marketing professors’ offices discussing consumer behavior and research methods for hours. This has forced my education to grow exponentially.

How has Evangel’s Marketing and Management program prepared you for your summer internship opportunities and future career goals?

In my internships I often sat down with some very well-educated, experienced business people. Once a week I met with the president and vice presidents of The Great Game of Business. My Evangel education provided me with the knowledge to handle those encounters with confidence. I was never asked a question I didn’t know the answer to or to do a task I couldn’t execute. I attribute that to the rigorous standards of Evangel’s Business Department.

Could you describe your internship at Silver Dollar City and how the experience may impact your future career goals?

I worked with an Evangel alum at Silver Dollar City conducting marketing research for a recently purchased campground. This internship really opened my eyes to the whole marketing research field, which has become one of my passions.

Could you also describe your internship with the Great Game of Business and how that experience may impact your future career goals?

The Great Game of Business gave me the opportunity to work with Web analytics and financial statements outside of the classroom. I also got to work with one of the most well-known companies in the business world, Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation.

What kind of educational/service/leadership opportunities have you encountered as a student at Evangel?

I was the advertising manager for Evangel’s student newspaper, The Lance, for a year. I also worked as an accounting lab assistant in the Business Department. Currently, I am the floor president for Lewis First South.

What are your personal and career/ministry goals after college?

I plan on attending graduate school to earn my master’s in business administration. As long as I find a job within the marketing field, I will be happy. Evangel has taught me that my career and ministry goals are inseparable. I know God has called me to bring glory to His kingdom through the business world.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

Evangel is truly one of a kind. Students don’t leave their minds at the chapel doors or their spirituality at the classroom doors. It is a place to make your faith your own while developing the skills needed to worship God through your vocation, no matter what area of study you pick.

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