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Nancy Pace-Miller: Assistant professor of communication and Excalibur yearbook adviser

February 9, 2012

Nancy Pace-Miller is a 1984 graduate of Evangel. A proud “OKIE,” she came from Oklahoma to Missouri to attend Evangel and never left. Pace-Miller has worked in the field of advertising and public relations for 30 years and began teaching at Evangel in 1989 as an adjunct instructor. She took a full-time position at Evangel in 1999. She is married to Michael Miller; their daughter, Taylor, is a student at Evangel. Her Miniature Pincher, Piston, rounds out the family.

Pace-Miller is also adviser of Excalibur, Evangel’s yearbook.

 What is your favorite memory as an Evangel student?

The whole EU experience was great for me. I traveled with the forensics team. I was editor of my senior yearbook. I was floor devotional leader and party planner. I was a work study for Norma Champion and Riley Denton. I had an amazing internship. I feel like I did as much as I wanted to do on this campus.

What are some of your career highlights?

I started my career in advertising and marketing. I started from ground level, with my first job being a junior copywriter. I was promoted to various jobs along the way – senior copywriter, graphics coordinator, assistant manager, marketing director, promotions coordinator, senior account executive, brand manager and agency director. It was a full career of advertising, public relations and marketing, serving more than 30 years (if you count my two years at the Chamber of Commerce planning events). I started teaching adjunct in 1989 for the Communication Department. I took a full-time position as a professor after receiving my Master of Arts in Communication from Missouri State University in 1999. I was given tenure in 2009.

What is your favorite thing about working with EU students?

It’s all about the relationship. Being in the classroom is more than just being a good teacher, disseminator of information. The Evangel way is relationship. What the students bring to the classroom and what I give, ultimately brings a lasting impact on learning, spirituality and everyday life. It’s the synergy of both. We are both the learner and the teacher.

Why do you teach at Evangel University?

I feel like Evangel is my calling. Everything I did previously in my career was to prepare me for what I do now. God is so good to prepare us according to what He wants us to do. The best part of my job is to hear the victory stories from the students. To read in an email or to get a phone call, “Hey, I got the job!” That’s sweet music to my ears.

What makes Evangel University’s Communication Department unique?

All of the professors in the Communication Department are graduates of the university. We understand the philosophy of Evangel and how that relates to the curriculum. The department has a wide range of majors. Each of us has our own talents; together, the department is extremely strong. We work as a team. We genuinely love and care for each other.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Get involved in the department as soon as you can, even if it’s just hanging around the TV studio or submitting a story to The Lance. Make yourself known. Come to class, participate in the discussion and turn in quality work. That’s what is going to set you apart and make you a success in the Communication Department and at Evangel. Don’t sit around your dorm room being bored or lonely. Make friends; get involved.

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