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Christina Beatie: Music Performance major and drum major

March 21, 2013

Growing up in a musical home, Christina Beatie has known since 8th grade that she wanted to be a professional musician. As an Evangel University junior, Christina is already well on her way to accomplishing her goals. Beatie has been named drum major for the Marching Band for the 2013/14 school year and is the University Chorus alto-section leader.  She also participates in Jazz band, Concert Band, University Orchestra, Concert Choir and Chorale. Outside of Evangel, Christina is involved with the Springfield Regional Opera and the Messiah Project, and serves as the middle school choir leader at Messiah Lutheran Church in Springfield. Christiana believes that God has called her to use her musical abilities to glorify Him, and it is obvious she is doing just that.

Out of all the colleges out there, why did you choose Evangel?

One of the girls in my youth group went to EU, and she absolutely loved it.  Now, I understand why! I also heard about Evangel from my high school vocal teacher who used be a faculty member here. It is close to my hometown, yet far enough away for me to have some independence. I also love that Evangel is a Christian university.  Since, this is my first attempt at living away from my parents, I wanted to be surrounded by people who would positively influence my life.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I have always been involved with different music groups because my parents are musical.  While being involved, I was able to discover that I had a “knack” for it.  By the 8th grade, I knew I wanted to be a professional vocalist.  I decided to major in Music Education because this major will allow me to do, basically, anything I want with music.  I get to perform, and I’m also learning useful technology skills.  I will also have to ability to teach in the future.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

Your professors know you personally.  They know when you’re not in class.  They care about your personal well-being.  You’re not just another number.  You get to be a big fish in a small pond, and that’s really nice.

What is your favorite thing about the Department of Music?

The many performance opportunities and variety of music classes that are available.

How well do you think Evangel is preparing you for your career goals?

My career desire is to become a professional singer. To pursue such a feat you must nurture your voice and strengthen it in its most vulnerable years. Here I am learning musicality, theory and the history of music.  Evangel’s music programs are accelerated and experienced. They can, and have, developed wonderful young musicians that are prepared for their future.  I look forward to continuing my vocal study at a university with such a reputation for excellence.

Have you had any leadership opportunities at Evangel? 

In the past, I have been the clarinet section leader of the marching band.  I play principal or co-principal clarinet in the University Orchestra.  I am the alto section leader in the University Chorus.  I am now the Drum Major for the Marching Band.  There is an endless amount of opportunities available for any student.  You just have to make the effort to get involved.

How do you like living on campus?

I absolutely love it!  Everything is within a short walking distance to meals, classes and friends.  I would waste so much time if I commuted.  It’s also been a grace when I forget something; my room is only a few minutes away.

What are your favorite extra-circular activities at Evangel? 

My favorite extra-curricular activities at Evangel are Concert Choir and University Chorus.  I absolutely love those two ensembles.  The family that is formed within Concert Choir cannot be matched and the repertoire and director in University Chorus is amazing. Read more about Evangel’s music ensembles.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

Evangel is not just a Christian school.  The academics are extremely respected as well.  You are receiving a worthwhile education if you attend EU, and others know it.  You are also on a smaller campus so you personally get to know your professors much better than  if you were at a larger school.

Any advice for freshmen?

The best thing I did as a freshman was joining the marching band.  I immediately felt welcomed and made some of my best friends here at Evangel my first week of band camp.  At Evangel you are not an outsider when you come to campus. You immediately belong somewhere and people will notice if you are not there. Get involved!

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