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Jessica Nunley: Journalism major and photography phenom

April 5, 2013

A Journalism major, with minors in Photography and Broadcasting, Jessica Nunley is a writer and artist who has worked for Evangel’s campus newspaper, The Lance, for almost four years. Working for The Lance has given Jessica the confidence and real-world skills needed to put her classroom knowledge into action. Jessica’s dream job is to work at a magazine like National Geographic someday. She is excited to work in a secular media environment because it will give her “the opportunity to share Jesus through her positive attitude and hard work, as well through evangelism.” With her witty sense of humor, artistic eye and love for people, Jessica will, no doubt, go on to achieve great things in the exciting and influential field of communication.

Out of all the colleges out there, why did you choose Evangel?

My home pastor and his wife attended Evangel, and my parents knew about it because they attended Evangel’s sister school, Bethany University, in California. Ultimately, I chose Evangel because I received the most scholarship money from the school, and because I knew that I would have more opportunities in campus leadership at a small school.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I have always loved to travel, write and be creative. I knew that God had not given me the patience to teach English or the arts, so I decided photojournalism was the best outlet. It lets me travel and meet a variety of people, and it allows me to write and design for a wide range of media.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

Evangel is a smaller college, which is great for several reasons:

  1. There are more opportunities to participate in primary leadership roles in campus clubs and organizations.
  2. The professors care more about student success and are therefore more understanding and approachable.
  3. The campus only takes five minutes to walk across, so even if the weather is terrible, students are not out in it for long.
  4. There is a large selection of majors and minors to mix and match.

What is your favorite thing about the Communication Department?

The professors in the Communication Department are all highly skilled, so I respect their teaching and imparted knowledge. They have been around students for many years and they know how busy college can be, so if I cannot complete an assignment on time or need help understanding a concept, they are willing to assist me. They all have a heart for students and their personal needs. Many of my professors ask me about my relationships and future goals, and how they can help if I need it.

How well do you feel Evangel has prepared you for your career goals?

After college, I plan to find a journalism job somewhere in California, at either a newspaper or a magazine. Ms. Melinda Booze and my other communication professors have taught me the basics of journalism and advanced methods for effective media communication. Also, being a staff member in student media for nearly my entire Evangel experience has equipped me with the real-world experience that I need to be successful after college.

How have you dealt with living so far away from home? How is campus life?

The drive from my home in in Osceola, Indiana, to Evangel is about nine hours. I’m a very independent person, and as much as I love my family, I was excited to leave home for college. I am not homesick while I’m here because I’m so heavily involved in student media, campus/floor events and hanging out with my close friends. If possible, every student should live on campus if they want to get the full college experience. The best way to have close friendships and to get involved on campus is by living here. Proximity is everything.

What are your favorite extra-circular activities at Evangel? 

Dressing up for Harvest Fest and Spring Fling is a blast. Seeing the creativity of my classmates in their costumes, skits, music groups and videos is very fun every semester.

Downtown Springfield and Jordan Valley Park are just a few miles away from Evangel, within walking distance on a nice day. It’s fun to walk around downtown or do homework in a coffee shop.

Any advice for prospective students?

Go to all of the fun events that Activities Board hosts. Go to the concerts and other campus events. You have only four years to gain as much experience as you can before heading out to the real world, so get more than one internship. Bulk up your résumé by joining clubs and organizations on campus – this helps you get scholarships, too.

Get to know your professors and trust them with your hopes and concerns; they care about you and they’ve been in this business long enough to know what to do. Don’t worry about being friends with everyone on campus, unless that’s part of your personality; instead cultivate a few close relationships that will last even after college. Find a church in the area at which you feel comfortable. Don’t work too much outside of campus if you don’t have to. College is a special time in your life, one which you’ll never get back after this. You may return to school in the years to come, but it will never be the same.

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