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Anthony Finzo: Personal Training major and football player

April 29, 2013

Anthony Finzo, an Exercise Science major with a personal training track, transferred to Evangel after spending two years at Knox College in Illinois. He says that he never realized the struggles of attending a secular college until he experienced it. His first years of college gave him a whole new perspective on living a life in Christ and reaching students for God. Anthony plays football at Evangel is is planning a future in coaching. Along with the other members of the football team, Anthony enjoys volunteering with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Springfield, being a positive role model and hanging out with some awesome kids.

 What drew you to Evangel?

I am originally from Willard, Missouri, and my father taught in the Psychology Department at Evangel for a few years. While he was teaching here, we went to all the sporting events. When my dad took me to watch the EU men’s basketball team win the NAIA National Championship game in 2002 at College of the Ozarks, I was truly hooked.

Why did you decide to transfer to Evangel?

I chose to transfer to Evangel because I wanted to be closer to home, study in the Kinesiology Department and play football. Evangel lets me do all of those things.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I love bettering myself as an athlete. I have had the great opportunity to have some mentors in the weight room throughout my career. As a freshman and sophomore in high school, the coaching staff here let me workout with the team, so former players and coaches guided me into loving the workouts. So, deciding on personal training just came naturally when I made my decision.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

You get to have a personal relationship with the teachers here. I love being able to chat with Coach Getty after class about a technique in the Power Clean until his next class starts. The Kinesiology Department professors are brilliant in their fields, available for questions, and open to new ideas from the students.

Where there any obstacles you overcame in coming to Evangel?

I thought the finance-part of the move would be a problem, but God has continually been faithful and kept the doors open.

What goals do you have after graduation?

I would like to be a football coach after college. The education I am receiving here will allow me to better train my athletes. As Coach Getty says when speaking about resistance training, “It is art based on science.” I want to be able to train my athletes as a team and as individuals and I believe being at Evangel will allow me do that someday.

What kind leadership opportunities have you encountered as a student at Evangel?

The football team works with the Boys & Girls Clubs here in Springfield, and that is always so much fun. We go and chill with the kids by playing games and being able to be a positive role model in someone’s life is just awesome.

How do you like living on campus?

I enjoy it. Everything we need as students is right here. Living on campus, you get to have the “full college experience” by interacting with your fellow students on a daily basis.

Why should other students consider checking out Evangel?

Evangel has everything a student needs to have fun the right way in college. EU lets you keep God first and still have a great college experience. Come visit and hang with some students and you will see what I mean.

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