Evangel Profile

Dr. Cameron Pace: Communication Department chair

May 22, 2013

Dr. Cameron Pace has been working in media for more than 30 years and has taught most of the electronic media courses that Evangel has offered at some point in his 25-year career as an Evangel professor. He serves as the faculty adviser for EUTV and EU Films, and he is the faculty supervisor of the TV studio. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dr. Pace attended Evangel from 1978 to 1982. He received both his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Regent University.

Dr. Pace and his wife, Jill, have two daughters. One has already graduated from Evangel, and the other is a student at EU. He enjoys playing volleyball, producing video and photography, watching movies (of course) and reading about history. The family attends James River Assembly of God in Ozark, Missouri.

What are your best memories as a student at Evangel?

They mostly revolved around working at the campus radio station and having friends come over to listen to my show. I also have many fond memories of being a part of Evangel drama productions. Directing my senior theater project was the highlight of my college career.

What have been some of the highlights of your career outside of Evangel?

Before coming to Evangel to teach, I worked in radio, video production and teaching at the high school level. I produced and directed plays for school and church. I also had my own video business shooting weddings and special events.  I’ve always been a video and photo enthusiast, and I have produced corporate and personal projects for many years.

In the years since you were a student, media technology has changed dramatically. Has Evangel kept up with the changes?

Communication is such an exciting field. It changes constantly, which means you never stop learning about it. Evangel has done a great job keeping up. For example, we were an early adopter of non-linear editing back in the early 90s. Evangel switched to video camcorders while many were still using 3/4″ decks. We offered courses in multimedia very early on when the Internet was still young. Lately, we no longer shoot videotape and have completely converted to HD production methods. My students produced movies in stereoscopic 3D this past year.  We are now entirely HD in the studio, in our field production system and on our channel. The student newspaper and yearbook are produced on Mac Pros, and photography and graphics are all done digitally using D-SLRs and Photoshop editing.

Do students at Evangel have a chance to be involved in professional media internships?

We encourage students to apply for internships during their junior or senior years. They can be placed in professional media environments here in Springfield or in many places around the country. Our internship program is well-established with many key contacts.

What are some of the new things going on in the Communication Department?

Our channel converting to HD was a highlight this year. We’ve been shooting in HD for quite some time, so it’s nice that students can see their work in the higher definition. We have added the Political Communication major and minor this year. We are currently seeking approval from the State to offer a communication education degree that allows the student to earn teaching certification in both journalism and English in secondary education upon graduation. We’ve expanded our Web design course offerings and recently added another film theory course.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

If you can, come to Evangel as a freshman rather than taking classes at community colleges first. Though we are happy to have transfer students and will create a program that will work for you using your transfer credits, it really is a benefit to you to come to Evangel as a freshman. You get involved sooner in the things you enjoy doing, you are able to follow the program of study easier, which helps when you need to fit upper-level classes in your schedule, and you have more time and experience with the equipment and facilities we have here. I have had some transfer students tell me they wished they had come to Evangel sooner. Either way – transfer or freshmen beginner – we’ll provide every student the chance to be his or her best.