Evangel Profile

Emileigh Morton: International Studies major and resident assistant

October 14, 2013

Emileigh Morton, a senior at Evangel, is fascinated with the idea of culture. With her teen years spent overseas in the Middle East and Africa, she has grown to love being immersed in the unique traditions of different countries. She also enjoys being immersed in Evangel’s warm atmosphere, thriving in her role as a resident assistant in Spence Hall and as a member of her dorm floor’s intramural powderpuff football team.

Why did you choose Evangel?

I chose Evangel because I had moved several times to very unfamiliar places in the couple years before college, and I wanted to return to somewhere that was familiar and felt like home.  I knew Evangel would be a welcoming place, especially since my family would be out of the country.

What are your areas of study?

I have an International Studies Major with a Psychology Minor.  I chose International Studies at first simply because I was interested in history, cultures, and governments.  As my call to join the military has evolved over my college years, I have found that an International Studies major will fit perfectly with my ambition of being a linguist.

Did you visit campus prior to moving in?

I actually had not really visited campus before I came.  I think I may have been on campus a couple times as a kid because of different church events, but I had never toured campus before I came.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

People really care about you.  The professors care if you’re sick one day, the RAs go out of their way to build relationships with students, and leadership is willing to mentor and help students grow.  The girls on my dorm floor are like family, and there is a general sense of respect and relationship that is valued across all campus departments.

What is the best thing about the Social Sciences Department at Evangel?

The people in my department are passionate.  We watch political debates together, talk about societal issues, hear each other out and act on our passions.  The department has a lot of careers that can potentially stem from the different areas of study, and I love the interaction of different kinds of people who all have similar interests and goals.

What are your career goals?

I would like to join the Air Force after I graduate in May and work to become an Arabic linguist.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

Evangel offers not only academic opportunities, but also huge life-learning opportunities.  The integration of academics, spirituality, and relationships creates an environment that prepares students not only for a career, but also for the ultimate career of living life as a genuine, effective Christian.

What are some activities you enjoy when you’re not in classes?

I love travel, history, vintage clothing, and the outdoors. I also run an online shop where I sell vintage and handmade items.  My love for vintage and its place in who I am has developed here at Evangel, and I appreciate the accepting atmosphere that has fostered that self-discovery.