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Lori Luthy: Educator at Ozark North Elementary

November 1, 2013

Lori Luthy came to Evangel as a graduate student seeking the training she needed to become a reading specialist or special education process coordinator.

As a busy working adult, she is completing her Master of Education in Reading degree and is putting her skills to work with third graders at Ozark North Elementary School.

Like many other graduate students, Luthy had concerns about pursuing a degree while juggling other responsibilities.

Luthy recently presented her research project at the Missouri Professors of Educational Administration spring conference. See how an Evangel experience has increased her confidence both personally and professionally. 

Why did you choose Evangel for your graduate program?

I wanted to attain a master’s degree in reading and I knew a few other teachers that attended Evangel.  After speaking with them I knew Evangel was the best fit for me.

What did you like most about the program?

First and foremost I couldn’t believe the helpfulness from the entire university.  From the application process to graduation I always felt comfortable emailing or calling with questions.

Another benefit of Evangel is that the graduate class sizes are small, providing the opportunity to discuss information and build relationships with other caring professionals.

How did the faculty take an interest in your education?

The faculty and staff are absolutely amazing.  They sincerely cared about my success and did everything they could to ensure a positive experience.

How has your degree benefited you and your career?

I have benefited from my graduate degree in more areas of my life than just my career.  Attaining a graduate degree has increased my confidence as a professional educator.

I have also grown spiritually by having the opportunity to work alongside other Christian professionals and seeing God’s work within so many intelligent, caring and selfless individuals.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting a master’s program but is concerned about balancing work, school and family?

You can do it. There will be days of frustration, but your professors will help you and they understand that most graduate students have professional and home responsibilities along with assignments.

I would also tell other prospective students that the work completed for Evangel is very applicable and meaningful to your current profession.  If you want to attain a graduate degree, the professors at Evangel will help you any way they can.

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