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Anna Obermesik: International Studies Major

January 13, 2014

Anna Obermesik, a senior International Studies major from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, enjoys playing the piano, singing and making new friends. As a second generation Evangel student, she grew up listening to her dad’s stories about his college years at Evangel. As a student, she loves being a part of the Social Sciences Department and appreciates the impact of each her professors in her life.

Why did you choose to attend Evangel?

When I came for a visit to Evangel, I instantly fell in love with the campus, the programs and the professors. All of the aspects of Evangel combined created the perfect college for me to attend. I had always wanted to attend an institution that challenged me and would equip me for my next steps of life. Being a senior now, I fully know that I made the right decision.

How did your campus visit help you and why would you recommend a visit for a prospective student?

I would recommend a campus visit 100 percent. A visit is what solidified my decision to attend Evangel. I was instantly welcomed on campus and I felt like I was at home the entire time I was here during my visit.

What are you studying?

I am working toward an International Studies major and a Public Administration minor. Both of these programs are within the Social Science Department, and I enjoy every class that I am in. I chose my major before I came to campus because God put it on my heart. I did not choose my minor until sometime into my sophomore year. I decided on my minor because of my classes that really opened up my eyes to government and how much any level of government affects our daily life. I took an interest to it and chose the minor so that I can have a positive influence on our government in the future.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

At Evangel, the environment is like a family. The further you go into college, the deeper your relationships get. Your department becomes your family, your floormates become your family, and from all of those people you find the friends that you will have for the rest of your life.

What is the best thing about the Social Science Department?

The absolute best thing about the Social Sciences Department is the fact that I can go to my professors or the office administrator about anything. If I need help in a class, they are there for me. If I’m having a rough day, they are absolutely there for me. And when I’m in a particularly funny mood, they are there to laugh right along with me. It is very easy to tell that the professors aren’t just at Evangel to teach, but they are there for us to help us achieve our goals and to see us succeed. The Social Science Department is what has really made my education here at Evangel the best it can be. If you ever ask, I will always say that Social Science is the best, and there is no place like it.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

In my time here at Evangel, I have been a part of my floor council as both a member and the president and have been on the board of Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society (PR/Treasurer, VP, and President). I also volunteer my time at my church (Twenty20) on the worship team.

What are your goals after you graduate?

When I graduate in the spring, I plan on attending graduate school and earning a master’s in public administration. With that, I would like to obtain a job in local or state government on the administrative level.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

If you choose Evangel, your life will never be the same in a good way. You could truly go anywhere and get a relatively similar education. But at Evangel, you get exceptional education that is all based on the foundation of our faith. There is nothing better than that.

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