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Trenton Andreasen: Church Leadership and Preaching major

January 13, 2014

Growing up as the son of a pastor in Columbus, Indiana, Trenton Andreasen was always familiar with church ministry. He looks back at his childhood as a time when God was speaking to His heart, preparing him to go into ministry. Now, as a senior at Evangel (and a transitional student from Central Bible College), he is enjoying how God is currently using him to reach individuals in the Springfield community. He is unsure what the future holds, but he is excited for where God is going to lead him after graduation.

Why did you choose to attend Evangel?

I started going to school at CBC because I was called into ministry, and I knew that CBC was a school that focused more on pastoral ministries and was more in my range financially. I was a junior when the schools merged, not really leaving me a choice on whether or not it was where I wanted to attend. There wasn’t any reason to start all over from zero at any other school.

Many of my friends were coming over to EU. My brother attends here, my older brother graduated from EU a few years ago, and Evangel is in the same city as CBC. Evangel is a great school that I have already grown to love; it just wouldn’t have been my choice four years ago. Now with the addition of the School of Theology and Church Ministries, I would recommend it to anyone in the future.

How did you choose your particular area of study?

I am majoring in Church Leadership as well as Preaching. I chose Church Leadership because I felt God was tugging my heart, leading me in that direction. Church Leadership is a very broad major, and I felt that I could learn more from this major than I could from any other.

Public speaking is something that has always been a weak point for me, and that is putting it lightly. I stray away from anything that involves everyone’s eyes being on me. I guess it makes perfect sense to God; He loves using situations like mine. In order to make myself work on that area, I chose to pick up a second major in Preaching (Let’s just say my preaching is a work in progress). It is amazing to see God use me each time I convey His message to others. I have grown to love my fear because I will never forget God is the one speaking through me.

Did you visit campus prior to moving in?

Yes. It is a big help. I would definitely recommend it. I would not attend any university where I did not feel welcomed. Professors do a great job, but ultimately the current students are what determine whether or not a prospective student will feel the heart of the university.

I don’t care if a university is known for its outstanding curriculum, its extraordinary campus or its brilliant professors. If it does not have students who are friendly, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Visiting this campus allowed me to feel out what I was signing up for. Evangel definitely has those kinds of students that make you feel welcome.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

It is a beautiful campus. It isn’t too big where you need a bike, and it’s not too small where you still feel like you are in high school. The environment is special mostly because Evangel is a Christian university where students are able to connect with other students that are seeking the same common goal. We are all here to advance our education, but more importantly to advance the Kingdom of God.

What is the best thing about the School of Theology and Church Ministries?

It would definitely be the professors. Not only do they know what they teach and live what they teach, but they truly want to see you succeed.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in classes?

I enjoy playing sports in general, but specifically soccer. Anything that involves competition usually captures my attention. My dad and I picked up on table tennis when I was in high school.

I’m also involved in a student ministry called Footsteps, which is a part of CROSSwalk. It is a home for transitional living for men between the ages of 16-21. We go there once every other week and spend time investing in their lives, showing them God’s love. We hope to get to a point where we can share the Gospel of Christ with them. I also enjoy being a part of the intramurals here at Evangel. Spending time with my friends is also very important to me. I am investing in relationships that I will have for the rest of my life.

What would you like to do after you graduate?

My goals after I graduate are still up in the air. I know that I want to be in the ministry and fulfilling the Great Commission, but beyond that it is still uncertain. There are different roads that I could take. I could be a youth pastor; I could be involved in missions, or even street evangelism.

Evangelism has really been on my heart these past couple years. I have a close friend who taught me how to evangelize. Now that, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believe” (Romans 1:16), I want to tell everyone what Christ has done for them. What area of ministry I am involved in is not that important, as long as I am telling others about what God did for them by sending His son to die on a cross for their sins.

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