Evangel Profile

Kaitlyn Justus: Biblical Studies major

January 23, 2014

Kaitlyn Justus, a senior from San Dimas, California, loves to water-ski, hike, and do fiber crafts. She also loves to study the Bible. As a Biblical Studies major, she enjoys how she can value the Bible for both its literary value and for its real life application. Kaitlyn has aspirations to pursue her doctorate in the future, and she is grateful for everything she is learning at Evangel to prepare her for that next step.

Why did you choose to attend Evangel?

I had applied and been accepted to several different schools, but Evangel just felt right. Growing up in the Assemblies of God, I had always resisted the push to go to an A/G school, but I ended up applying to Evangel to appease everyone at my church. Once I had applied, the admissions staff was so kind and helpful. I felt like they actually cared whether or not I ended up here and that I wasn’t just a number. In the end, the choice was easy — God opened the right doors at the right times and everything fell into place.

What are you currently studying?

I’m a Biblical Studies major with Philosophy and Jewish Studies minors. I’ve always really loved literature and almost majored in English Literature, but when it came down to it, I knew that if I was going to study books, I might as well study the most important one. So many people forget that Biblical Studies is really, at its core, a literary degree.

Did you visit campus prior to moving in?

My dad and I came to visit campus in March before I came here. Compared to sunny California, Springfield’s March seemed awful, but everyone I met made the school feel warm and inviting. I would absolutely recommend everyone who is able to come visit campus. There’s no other way to get a real feel for what our campus life is like.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

Hands down, it’s the people that make Evangel special. The professors, staff and students exude Christian love. I have never been anywhere where the people are so kind.

What is the best thing about the Department of Bible and Theology?

The Department of Bible and Theology is incredibly homey. All of the professors are welcoming and constantly joking around. It’s like a big family.

What activities do you participate in when you’re not in classes?

I’m the president of Phi Sigma Tau, the national philosophy honors society, and a member of Theta Alpha Kappa and Alpha Chi. On top of those memberships, I am PR on S2N’s floor council, a Student Admissions Counselor, and involved in my church, All Saints Anglican.

What are your future goals?

After graduating from Evangel this spring, I plan on pursuing a Masters in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and eventually getting my PhD so I can teach at a university. I’m all about context, so I can’t wait to learn more about the cultures surrounding the writing of our Old Testament.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

Evangel University offers an extremely rare mix of outstanding academics, spiritual growth and Christian community. Choosing a university is a crucial step in every high school senior’s life journey; it really boils down to choosing what environment a person is going to allow to shape them for four years. Coming to Evangel affords the opportunity to grow in every area of life.