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Eddie Noack: Assistant professor of education

March 4, 2014

After a variety of career experiences that included public school teaching, tax training and co-owning a bakery, Eddie Noack returned in the fall of 2013 to teach education students at Evangel, the school he graduated from in 1987.

Noack began attending Evangel as a college sophomore. He quickly became involved in Ministries of Evangel College Students (now CROSSwalk) missions, through which he traveled to Jamaica, Honduras and the Philippines.

Noack graduated with a bachelor of science in Education. He returned to Evangel from 2007 to 2009 to earn his Master of Educational Leadership, and he has recently completed his Specialist in Administration degree from Southwestern Baptist University.

A former H&R Block franchise owner, Noack returned to his love of teaching in order to have a more family-friendly schedule to spend with his wife, Karen, and their foster children, 11 of whom they have adopted. He and his wife, Karen (Thomas) (’85), first met during their time at Evangel, and she now works as the cashier in the Evangel dining hall. Their family enjoys spending time together, especially through traveling.

What initially sparked your interest in teaching?

After graduating from high school, I served as a Sunday school teacher in my local church. The experience caused me to feel education was where God was directing my life.

How did you go from being a business owner to becoming a teacher?

One thing I have learned is our plans are not always God’s plans. Following graduation from Evangel, Karen and I were married, and I obtained a teaching position as a classroom teacher at a private Christian school in Kansas City. Although Karen and I both were working in our career fields, after that first year, we were asked to move to Indiana to assist with a family business. This eventually led us both to become business owners. Karen owned a bakery, and I owned an H&R Block franchise. This was a completely different path than what we had originally thought God had planned for our lives. During this time, we began foster parenting. While some of the children placed with us were for a short time, there were others that became a permanent part of our family through adoption. As our family began to grow and our jobs became more time demanding, we sold our businesses so that we could dedicate more time to our family.

You have 11 children through adoption. How did you first get involved with foster care and adoption?

Since both Karen and I have relatives who were adopted, we always knew we wanted to adopt. As we began planning our lives together, we began looking into adoption which directed us into becoming involved in foster care. The goal of foster care is family reunification; however, there are circumstances where that is not always possible. It was these situations where we always found room to add another member to our family. We are amazed how God can take what may have appeared to have been a hopeless situation and turn it into a wonderful thing. Each child we have adopted has a remarkable story of how they came to us…a story that could have only been authored by God. We currently have 11 children with 8 still remaining at home: Ashley, Ryan, Zachary, Karrie, Brice, Brendan, Leah, Emma, Erin, Christian, and Madison.

What has it been like coming back to Evangel as a professor?

Returning to Evangel as a professor was always a long-range dream that I was not certain I would ever reach. It was my desire to give back to others what was given to me by the professors of Evangel who invested in me during my time here in the mid-80s. I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to work alongside my prior Evangel professors, classmates and especially my former Evangel academic adviser and professor, Dr. Becky Huechteman.

What makes the Education Department at Evangel special?

Evangel’s Education Department instills in its students that teaching is not only a profession, but a ministry. This is evident by all of those who serve in the department. The knowledge, professionalism, commitment and dedication of the staff and faculty are unsurpassed.

What advice do you have for students considering whether to attend Evangel, especially those planning to go into the education field?

Evangel is highly respected within the Springfield community. The campus does not take this respect lightly. The education students who serve within the local schools to fulfill their program requirements are considered to be well prepared by the classroom teachers they serve. Evangel prepares and encourages everyone to put their faith into action in whatever vocation one chooses.

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