Evangel Profile

Tom Matrone: Chair of Music Department and Director of Choral Activities

August 8, 2014

Tom Matrone has been a minister of music with the Assemblies of God fellowship for more than 25 years. He serves as Evangel’s director of choral activities and advises the Chapel worship teams that minister on a rotating basis during each semester.

Matrone is a graduate of Northwest College, and earned his Master of Music degree from Drake University. He is currently completing his Doctor of Music at the University of South Carolina.

He serves as artistic director of the Springfield Mid-America Singers and has been the director of worship arts at Central Assembly of God since 1996. In August 2014, Matrone assumed the title of Department Chair for Evangel’s Music Department. 

How did you first develop a love for music?

My very first deep emotional connection to music was at the age of 12 during a visit to a large Pentecostal church in Rhode Island. I had never heard such expressive singing from a choir and a congregation like I did that morning. I am actually indebted to the gift of music that I realized that Sunday morning, it launched me into a life-long pursuit of excellence in music making and ministry.

What has been the highlight(s) of you career performing or teaching music?

The highlights of my musical journey have been during collaborative efforts with great musicians who have challenged me to bring the best that I could offer. I’ve drawn from those experiences to share with my students today. My deepest reward is to see others learn the art of performance that results in an experience much larger than themselves.

What is the best aspect of the music department at Evangel?

Evangel is blessed with a well-rounded musical experience that enables the student to learn diverse levels of music if they so choose. Evangel’s Music Department also offers the opportunity for leadership in music ensembles which is a valuable tool for further development.

For students, what are the benefits of attending a smaller school while studying music?

There is a deep faculty investment and interest in the individual development of our students. Our students are given the opportunity to share their story and experience a level of networking and Christian fellowship that would not be realized at a large university.

What type of music do enjoy, just for personal entertainment in your free time?

I am eclectic in my musical taste!  I love to listen and perform Baroque, Romantic and 20th century music. But I am also a lover of piano jazz as well as gospel and contemporary worship music.

What is your favorite part about Evangel students?

I love and appreciate the great work ethic of our music students at Evangel.  I see them as the greatest gift of potential leadership to our community at large and am privileged to be a part of their spiritual and educational development. Working in an institution that has a global mission for Christ-centered training of students who are called to use their skills to minister to the world is an extremely rewarding experience.