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Senior Nick Bearden is called to music ministry

October 27, 2014

With a call to music ministry and a love for the bass guitar, Nick knew he wanted to attend a Christian university that offered a solid music program. He felt that God was leading him to attend a school where he could openly express his faith and grow in his relationship with God; so, in 2011 he enrolled at Evangel as a Music Industry major.

He currently plays the bass for the traveling worship team Immanence, is involved with the EU Marching Band and frequents campus prayer groups. Nick has big dreams for the future and is excited to fulfill God’s call to serve Him through music as he continues his journey here at Evangel.

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Why did you choose Evangel?

I knew from the beginning that I really wanted to attend a Christian university where I could openly express my faith. After looking into my options, I felt Evangel was the only place God really wanted me to go.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

Although I was never crazy about school, music has always played a huge role in my life. Evangel’s Music Industry program instantly caught my eye and I knew it was something I would like to pursue.

What is your favorite thing about the Music Department?

The faculty. Everyone in the Music Department is extremely friendly. I’ve gotten to know almost all of the professors on a personal level.

How has Evangel helped prepare you for your future career and ministry goals?

I would love to own my own recording studio and also have the opportunity to tour with a worship team around the world. The classes offered at Evangel are of great value; they have given me the firsthand experience needed to survive in the real world.  I’ve also been given numerous opportunities which have enabled me to refine me bass playing talents.

What have you found to be the benefits of attending a smaller university?

The biggest benefit I see is unity. You get to develop a lot of close connections with people when you attend a smaller university. My classes aren’t all that huge which makes it easier to get one-on-one attention from my professors.

How do you like living on campus?

I love it. The activities you get to be involved with are great. During my first year as a student, I lived at home with my family. Since moving on campus, I feel like I’ve gotten to know everyone so much better. Living at home is great, but you miss out on all the fun that happens on campus after classes are over.

What are your favorite extra-curricular activities at Evangel? 

I love to be involved in worship teams and prayer groups.  Floor- and hall-related activities are always a blast, too.

Why should a high school student consider Evangel?

If you are seeking a smaller campus that values your education and spiritual growth, then EU is the perfect place for you. My college career has been the best part of my life.  The connections I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had, so far, are mind blowing.

Any advice for future students?

Make sure you are seeking God’s will for your life.  Don’t rush into picking a school because it sounds like the best choice.  Make sure that it is God’s will for you. Always follow God first.

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