Develop the skills you need to integrate a whole-health approach to patient care and learn strategic intervention methods that will equip you to effectively serve patients.

Our instructors have real-world experience in behavioral health careers and will use their knowledge to prepare you to make a difference in the world. You’ll learn about

  • Theories of health and unhealthy human development
  • Etiology and impact of addictions
  • Methodology for crisis intervention
  • Diversity concepts

With this degree, you will develop a Christian worldview that promotes ethical patient care and behavioral health practices and integrates your heart for service with the scientific understanding of human behavior to advance your vocational calling.

Program start dates:

Spring 2021

  • Block 3: 3/31/21

Summer 2021

  • Block 1: 5/8/21
  • Block 2: 6/11/21
  • Block 3: 7/16/21

Fall 2021

  • Block 1: 8/25/21
  • Block 2: 9/29/21
  • Block 3: 11/3/21

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