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Church Leadership Certificate (Online)

The Church Leadership Certificate provides the foundation and leadership principles for service in church leadership roles. It is designed prepare individuals who desire to work in a faith-based organizations (churches, Christian non-profits).



Seven week accelerated course format 12 credit hour program


$65 per credit hour
$780 certificate total
All ministry certificates can be completed individually or stacked with credits applied toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Church Ministries.

Curriculum Overview

ID Name Description Hours
CHMA 446 Strategic Planning for Church Ministries Examines the leader’s role in establishing and communicating a church’s vision, goals and objectives, and programs to accomplish the church’s mission. Topics include creating a comprehensive and strategic church calendar, innovative service programming, and leading effective church ministry teams. 3
CHMA 420 Pastoral Counseling Explores the theoretical basis for dealing with individual and family problems and religious perplexities of church members. Topics include personality abnormalities and professional referral. 3
CHMA 461 Spirit-Empowered Leadership in the Church Explores the biblical characteristics of the leader through examination of biblical examples of leadership from a biblical-theological approach. Attention given to leadership development, integrity, ethics, vision, Spirit-empowerment, servanthood, and mentoring. Exposure to current leadership trends, models, and methodologies in the church. Additionally, the course will provide information on the credentialing process for those seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. 3
SERA 310 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Examines the theory and practice of spiritual formation and Christian discipleship. Topics include reflective discipline of one’s individual journey with God in personal spiritual development; theological and practical groundwork for participating in the local church and sharing one’s faith in the community. 3

Career Opportunities

Students will analyze the spiritual life of the leader, including spiritual habits and activities that lead to spiritual growth and maturity.
Students will analyze and evaluate principles relevant to leadership in a Pentecostal/Charismatic context.
Students will examine and evaluate the tasks of planning and implementing strategic goals and initiatives in churches or Christian non-profit organizations.
Students will analyze and apply the attentive skills for caring for people in the church setting, as well as, basic care-giving principles for pastoral care.

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