Discipleship revolves around building up other believers and receiving encouragement throughout the college experience. Evangel orchestrates a number of opportunities for the student body to break into smaller groups for more personal and individual ministry.

Every student living on campus has the opportunity to participate in devotionals in their residence halls, and even on their specific floors. Floor Discipleship Leaders are appointed to offer prayer and spiritual support to residents throughout the school year. They organize weekly sessions that are based on scripture and attending three sessions may count for one required Chapel credit each semester.

Alternate chapel services are another opportunity for discipleship to take place each semester. These sessions are hosted by academic departments, clubs, organizations and residence halls and are typically more intimate than general chapel sessions.


“What I find most powerful about floor devotionals is the feeling of unity that results when our floor gathers in a single room. The guys on my floor are the people I live with, eat with, laugh with and even fight with, but every Thursday night I am reminded that we are living for the same purpose: to follow God. None of us is perfect, but by discussing God’s word and praying for one another, we have the opportunity to support each other and grow.”

— Ian Richardson, junior English major

“Not only are we fed spiritually, but we also build community within our hall. Students, resident assistants (RAs) and the RDs are there to join in and experience Jesus together. It brings us closer as friends and as people who are pouring into the lives of others. It creates a sense of accountability, and it excites me to see how the Holy Spirit is working in other people’s lives.”

— Shannyn Wong, junior Advertising major

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