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The majority of Evangel students make their home on campus in one of the residence halls. Even so, there is a significant and diverse community of students that live off campus either because they are married or are living with family members in the area.

For these students, Evangel has created avenues for connection and collaboration. Evangel’s commuter student organization is called “417 Hall.” This group works to plan commuter events and provide resources that help make commuters successful.

The focus isn’t where you live; it’s getting connected!

Commuter Lunches

Hosted on campus, these events are opportunities to take advantage of a free meal, win door prizes and enjoy fellowship together. There is typically at least one commuter lunch every semester.


Social Events

Events are planned regularly for commuter students to connect and experience campus life. Here’s a sample of some recent events:

  • Springfield Cardinals Game — Springfield’s minor league baseball team has a beautiful park in downtown Springfield just minutes from campus. The venue is a great option during the late spring and early fall semester.
  • Coffee Night at The Hub — The Hub is one of Springfield’s many downtown coffee options. It’s a great place to chill out, talk about life and enjoy a latte or frap.
  • Paintball — The busy life of any student, commuters included, can cause some stress. The 417 Hall organization decided to release some of that stress with a paintball trip.
  • Christmas Bake Day — Who doesn’t want to get in the Christmas Spirit? Commuters came together to bake up holiday favorites and enjoy a great time off campus.


Lounges and Computer Labs

Students driving to campus don’t have the resources of a residence hall to relax, work on homework, grab a snack or even just watch TV. That’s why Evangel has built in those opportunities with a commuter lounge that furnishes a microwave, fridge, TV, internet connection and several couches. There is even a discipleship group that meets in the lounge  to provide spiritual support. Computer labs are also available throughout the buildings on campus to allow students to work on projects, print documents and access student portals.



Evangel seeks to help students integrate every aspect of life in order to serve God holistically.

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