Spence Hall

Named for Inez Hover Spence, supervisor of both men’s and women’s residences, this building was completed in the fall of 1968. This makes it not only the first women’s dorm but the first dorm ever to be a part of the Evangel campus.  


Spence Hall is located on the southside of campus. When you walk into Spence Hall the first thing you’ll see is a sign that says ‘Spence Hall Best Hall’ hanging over the front desk, which is likely to be crowded by a giggling  group of girls who will welcome you to the building.  

We are proud to host Evangel’s women’s honor floor in our residence hall; however, that is just one of the many things that makes Spence the ideal place to live. Each of the floors located within Spence Hall have a unique culture and personality built by the ladies who reside there. We make an effort to foster community among floormates by hosting weekly floor dinners, floor devotions, Friday Tea Talks (a time of fellowship over tea and coffee), and fun monthly floor events. No matter which floor you choose to join, it is sure that the women there will welcome you as a unique member of their diverse family.  

Each year we take part in Southside Shindig, a large event during the fall semester which includes food, games, and live entertainment provided by our very own students. Spence also proudly hosts Smarty Parties throughout the semester to give our girls a fun study break. All Hall Chapels occur monthly in our second-floor lobby where we are able to bond as whole hall. We are a close community of women who encourage and challenge each other daily.  If you live in Spence Hall you are sure to make lifelong friends!  

Spence Hall: Knit Together

One thing Spence Hall is known for is the “Smarty Party” hosted every other Tuesday throughout the school year.

Resident Director: Christine Flores

Christine Flores is the residence director of Spence Hall.

Christine graduated from Evangel in 2012 with her Bachelors in Social Work. She then went on to pursue her Masters in Social Work from the University of Missouri. During her time at Evangel, Christine was very involved with intramurals and also in the social work club.

Christine’s heart for Spence is to empower each girl to discover who she is in Christ and grow in her passions and confidence to become a force to be reckoned with!

Christine enjoys any and all sports (especially Evangel football, where her husband is a coach) traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, online shopping, and visiting her nieces and nephews.

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