Evangel has been home to thousands of students before you. They left us some traditions that each year keep getting better and better.

You’ll learn quickly that EU’s timeless traditions become an unforgettable aspect of campus life. Within your first hours at Evangel, you’ll get to experience our extraordinary culture and, more importantly, make it a part of your own EU story.

Our campus traditions enable students like you to express themselves through creative interests or just doing something to break up the regular routine. And they’re usually a whole lot of fun. From athletic events to residence hall competitions, it’s never too hard to find weekend plans.

Homecoming & Spirit Week

Homecoming at EU isn’t just a time when alumni and old friends descend on campus for a weekend of special events – students are right in the middle of all the action. More than just a football game, Homecoming at Evangel means a full week of fun, including:

  • Contests and competitions
  • Karaoke (Can’t sing? Sing anyway!)
  • Talent shows (like EU’s Got Talent, our own twist on America’s Got Talent)
  • Classroom visits from alumni
  • Special Chapel services
  • The big Homecoming football game, where we crown our Homecoming King and Queen at halftime

Of course, the only way you can really understand Homecoming and Spirit Week is to experience them for yourself. Once you do, you’ll understand why Evangel alumni come back year after year from all around the country to celebrate these amazing traditions.

Football game


HarvestFest is a student-produced variety show sponsored by Activities Board each fall. Each year, HarvestFest features a new theme and students are invited to wear costumes that fit that theme. Although costumes aren’t required to have a great time, most couples find a way to capture the spirit of the theme with a unique flair.

One HarvestFest tradition is for men to think of a creative way to ask for a date, but the twist is that a simple “yes” from the lucky lady isn’t enough. Women are also expected to come up with a creative reply to the creative request (maybe we should just rename it CreativeFest).

Either way, HarvestFest is not an event exclusively for couples. Most people who attend HarvestFest simply go to have fun with floormates and friends.


Spring Fling

Spring Fling is essentially the spring semester’s version of HarvestFest. In the earliest years of Evangel history, the event was called Campus Classics and featured an all-campus talent show tied to Homecoming (which was held in early spring because the only varsity sport at the time was basketball).

As Homecoming shifted to the fall in the 1960s to accommodate football, the spring event became known as Spinsters’ Spree and adopted the tradition of girls asking guys, which is still a popular part of Spring Fling each year.

Just like with HarvestFest, the recipient men are expected to reply in a creative way. Between the performers in the show and people asking their dates in a clever way, creativity abounds.


Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is an annual — and highly-anticipated — women’s-only fashion show. Fashion Fever brings together women across campus and reinforces the importance of having a positive self-image. The focus is on helping women find identity in Christ rather than basing it on the expectations of society.

“This is an amazing event for the girls on this campus. It is an opportunity for us to come together and have a night away from school assignments. We feel empowered and inspired by the potential we see in each other.” – Mehleena Edmonds, 2013 Evangel graduate

There’s no cure for Fashion Fever (and we’re not sure we’d want one if it existed). The only medicine is the dose of fun you’ll experience at the show.


Mr. EU

Mr. EU is a twist on the traditional pageant competition. Men around campus compete by showcasing talents such as standup comedy, musical performances or choreographed routines (all while trying to be as charming as possible).

MR AG 2013-5