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International Studies

International Studies

International Studies is for students interested in work overseas or among multiethnic groups in America, providing study and practical experience. Opportunities for internships and studies ...

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Government (Political Science)

Who says it’s never polite to talk about politics or religion? The truth is both government and religion are foundations for every society. Evangel’s Government program provides a deeper ...

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Legal Studies (Pre-Law and Paralegal)

The Legal Studies Program is designed not only to meet the needs of students who plan to go to law school, but also to train students to become paralegals in the legal, government and business ...

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Social Studies Education

The Social Studies Education major prepares students for certification to teach in public or private secondary education. The program is designed to meet the requirements of the state of ...

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Public Administration

An increasing number of American jobs are associated with government and/or organizations interacting with government agencies. The vast majority of these can be described as “public ...

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Social Sciences

Social Sciences Students in Washington D.C.

Studying in Evangel’s Department of Social Sciences provides the opportunity to learn about history and culture within the unique framework of a Christian environment and perspective.

The social sciences take on the fascinating study of mankind in a systematic, all-encompassing manner.

Possibly more than any other area of study, the social sciences bring together a broad scope of interests — from a study of the past and its meaning in the present to the workings of government and public institutions.

Specialized programs include both a two-week trip and a full semester of study and internship in Washington, D.C., a semester of study abroad, overseas internship opportunities, and internships for departmental majors in museums, archives, government departments and law offices.

Those who pursue study in one or more of the social science disciplines may enter the fields of business, economics, industrial and labor relations, international relations, public administration, administration in industrial or service organizations, law, education, government and civil service, and journalism.

Learn more about the unique programs of Evangel’s Social Sciences department, including the Leadership Fellows Program, or contact the office to discuss a track of interest.

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