Pursue your passion to serve others through a degree in our Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. You will be equipped through comprehensive training, real-world experience, and practical instruction to launch your career path.

Take advantage of a host of opportunities to develop your professional skills by serving as a volunteer or intern in the community and get a hands-on start in a “helping” profession.

Develop your personal code of ethics as you integrate your Christian worldview into your vocational calling. You will be prepared to work and succeed in a variety of settings in both public and private sectors, such as schools, clinics, government offices, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.


Combine your interest in psychology and biology with this minor program designed to accelerate your career in the social services or the medical field. Minor available.

Criminal Justice

Make a difference in the world of criminal justice by pursuing our degree program which focuses on the calling to serve and protect your community. Major and minor available.

Forensic Science

Understand how forensic science is used as a resource in the criminal justice system to collect evidence during criminal investigations. Minor available.


Learn about the foundations and principles upon which our nation was established and how to integrate a Christian worldview into the halls of government. Major, minor, and concentration available.


Understand how history impacts current and future social issues and use your critical thinking skills as you investigate ways that human behavior shapes history. Minor and concentration available.


Sharpen your leadership skills as you pursue your calling in ministry or the marketplace. Minor available.

Military Science (ROTC)

Fulfill your call to service through our military science minor degree program that will enhance your leadership calling. Minor available.


Develop a foundational understanding of the American legal system and the processes and procedures that govern our justice system via our pre-law track. Minor available.


One of our most popular degree programs, our psychology degree will prepare you for a career of service though understanding the basics of human behavior. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Psychology in the Church

Combine your passion for theology with your interest in behavioral science to impact your vocational calling to ministry. Minor available.

Social Anthropology

The Social Anthropology minor reflects the fields of Sociology and Anthropology with their studies of humanity. Minor available.

Social Science

Gain a broad understanding of significant social issues and enhance your critical thinking skills with this comprehensive degree program. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Social Science Education

Prepare for your certification to teach social sciences in public or private secondary schools through our comprehensive degree program. Major available.

Social Work

Known as the “helping profession,” social work is for those with a heart of service and a desire to make a difference in their communities. Major and minor available.


Study the science behind what influences societal behavior and norms and how that relates to fulfilling your vocational calling. Minor available.

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counseling is a professional relationship that assists diverse individuals and groups to achieve mental health across the lifespan. Our Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will train you to become a professional counselor equipped to integrate your Christian faith with theory and practice.

Master of Science in School Counseling

School counselors are vital members of the K-12 education team who help all students to become productive adults of tomorrow. Our Master of Science in School Counseling will prepare you to become a professional school counselor.