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How NOT to Finish Midterm Week

by Jacob Gerding

We know that midterms are ALMOST over, and Spring Break is so close you can taste it, but as you face the final hours here are some things you probably SHOULDN’T do…

1. Pull an all-nighter










Unless you want to look like this dwarf all day, get your suggested 6-7 hours of sleep each night. Trust me.

2. Panic








Relax. It’s just midterms. Don’t stress yourself out – seriously, take your cues from the guy chillin’ in the back (or maybe don’t…)

3. Take your stress out on your friends










Your friends are most likely dealing with midterms, too, so try not to punch them into a wall – it won’t end well for either party.

4. Eat everything in sight













You will regret this. Just don’t do it. Your heart may tell you otherwise, but don’t listen to it – it’s not worth it.

5. Forget that Spring Break is right around the corner







Just think, after midterm week is spring break. Don’t lose sight of the most important week of your spring semester (other than graduation if you’re a senior).


Long story short: Keep it together.  You’re almost there.





Jacob is just a 20 year old who prefers his puns intended and his stomach full.