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Ways to look professional on your college application

A question that always runs through the minds of high school seniors: “How do I stand out on my college applications?”

While there are several ways to stand out – getting involved, writing a killer essay, etc. – one easy way is to show off your professional side when filling out your application, attending interviews or just attending a college fair at your high school!

Professionalism on your college application

When filling out your application or writing your college essay, it’s important to showcase all of the ways that you are a professional and hard-working student.

Universities like seeing people that have the drive to succeed and are constantly pushing themselves to learn more. So, listing things like you extracurriculars and any leadership opportunities you have is definitely something to consider.

The important thing to remember is that there is a thing as being “too professional” on your application or essay.

When talking about your accomplishments, try to avoid using “formal” language throughout – such as “therefore,” “hence,” etc.

Keep the wording professional, but throw in your own voice and style. The application is about you, so make sure you’re incorporating yourself into your words.

Professionalism during college interviews

Photo from Evangel archives
Students meet during Founders Day in 2016.

If you’ve applied at a school or for any university scholarship –such as Evangel’s Founders Scholarship – there’s a chance that you’ll be brought in for an interview to discuss your application in person.

This is a time to make a solid impression face-to-face, so professionalism is key!

The most obvious way to make a good impression is to dress appropriately.

For guys: dress pants, a button-down shirt and good dress shoes. (If you’re feeling super fly, then a suit jacket would be a nice touch.)

For girls: skirt or dress slacks, a nice blouse and a pair of nice shoes should do the trick.

From there, it’s important to remember to relax! It’s easy to get nervous, but don’t let it get to you. Before you walk in, take a deep breath and clear your head. You’ve got this!

Lastly, interviews can be two-way streets. Come with a list of questions about the university, campus life, and academics. It can help make an impression on your interviewer by showing how serious you are taking your application.

Professionalism at college fairs

First things first, if your school offers a college fair, you NEED to attend. These are great opportunities to see what different colleges and universities can offer you.

Be sure to dress correctly! For this type of event, you don’t need to go all out. Jeans and a nice shirt will make a good impression here.

Be sure to come with questions to ask. Find out as much as you can from the university reps to make an informed decision as you begin applying.

Best of luck to you as you continue your application process!

If you want to learn more about the application process at Evangel, be sure to visit our admissions page.

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