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Evangel Enactus team advances to National Competition

Published on Apr 19, 2018 by Evangel University News

The Evangel University Enactus team was judged a Regional Champion at the Enactus Regional Competition in Dallas, Texas, on April 16th. Teams from 29 universities and community colleges in 11 different states competed in the event.

Evangel will now advance to the next level of competition at the Enactus National Exposition in Kansas City, Mo., on May 20-22.

Enactus holds five regional competitions — including a virtual competition — scattered throughout the United States to determine which teams will advance to the National competition. There are 444 active teams in the U.S., engaging 12,026 college students in more than 760 community projects.

2018-04.17 Dallas EU Enactus
Evangel University students who successfully competed at the 2018 Enactus Regional Competition in Dallas, Texas, on April 16th were: Terran Tipps, Shane Puente, Emily Brown, Elizabeth Wiebe, Caitlyn Posch, Meredith Kyle, and Rebecca Varju. // (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

EU sent 34 students and 2 faculty advisors to the event in Dallas.

Enactus is an international organization (formerly known as SIFE, or Students in Free Enterprise) that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

Founded in 1975 in the U.S., there are active Enactus groups on more than 1,730 college and university campuses in 36 countries around the world. According to their research, there are more than 72,000 students participating in Enactus programs, impacting nearly two-million people a year.

Evangel team projects

The Evangel Enactus team presented to a panel of 14 corporate judges, an overview of six of their 12 projects that fulfilled the Enactus mission to use entrepreneurial action to improve the livelihoods of people.

Those projects included:

  • Bizkids, a curriculum to teach elementary students basic economic and financial concepts that has been piloted at Weller Elementary and Springfield Boys and Girls Club.
  • Evangel’s Enterprise Project played an instrumental role in adding the Enterprise division to the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Program. This will, for the first time, enable business-minded youth in 13,000 AG churches to participate in the Fine Arts program. More than 65,000 junior and senior high school students enter each year in nine main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Enterprise, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.
  • Kore Strength is a new international project, worked with I Pour Life, to empower women in Ethiopia with a community fund to make a difference in the leper community of Kore.
  • The Elevate Project developed a sustainable model for Weller Elementary to generate donations from businesses in or near the Weller Neighborhood. Those funds enable students to participate in field trips.

Other projects included working with Harmony House to expand awareness of domestic abuse within the faith community; helping Victory Mission expand its catering business; and fully implementing the recycling program on Evangel’s campus.

Evangel’s team generates support for its projects by enabling parents to purchase Survival Kits for their students during midterms and final exams. This year, the team also added a new Birthday Surprise with cupcakes and balloons so parents can help their students celebrate birthdays. Entrepreneurial action this year increased profits from Survival Kits by 23% to more than $15,000. Birthday Surprise brought in an additional $900 in profit.

“I could not be more proud of our team of 79 students who have worked so diligently this year on projects that are having a meaningful impact on our community and around the world,” said Bernie Dana, Enactus Sam Walton Fellow and primary Evangel Enactus advisor.

Evangel’s seven-person presentation team included:

  • Emily Brown from Painesville, Ohio
  • Meredith Kyle from Loveland, Colorado
  • Caitlyn Posch from Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Shane Peunte from Huntsville, Arkansas
  • Terran Tipps from Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Rebecca Varju from Oak Grove, Wisconsin
  • Elizabeth Wiebe from Morrisville, Missouri

Evangel’s Business Department

The Evangel University Department of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in accounting, business education, finance, management, marketing, and nonprofit business & social enterprise.

The Business programs also include online and seated programs for a Bachelor of Science in Management or a Master of Organizational Leadership, through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

For more information, visit the Evangel University Department of Business, or contact Eveline Lewis at (417) 865-2811 ext. 4117.