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Evangel professor participates in research presentation on church conflict and forgiveness

Published on Apr 20, 2012 by Jennifer Hall

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Evangel professor Dr. Geoffrey Sutton recently joined with other scholars in a multi-university study on church conflicts and forgiveness, which was presented at the international meeting of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies held in Washington, DC.

The presentation, titled Prevalence of Church Conflicts, reviewed findings from several studies which indicated an important role for identification with the faith community as a factor in forgiving others. The study, led by scientists Chelsea Greer and Ev Worthington of Virginia Commonwealth University, also included Fernando Garzon (Liberty University) and Loren Toussaint (Luther College).

Sutton, professor of psychology, has been a member of Evangel’s faculty since 2001. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in psychology from Missouri University-Columbia.

Evangel is a private, Christian university of arts, sciences and professions that offers more than 100 undergraduate academic programs and 11 master’s programs. The fall 2011 enrollment has reached a record 2,168 students from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.