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Alumni Spotlight: Amy Bricker Houser

Graduation Year: 1991
Major: Mental Health
Current Position: Multi Team Lead H & R Block
City and State: Zeeland, Michigan

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

First and foremost I am a wife, mother and Pastor’s Wife. My husband, Mike Houser (CBC 1992) and I pastor an incredible church. We were youth pastors for 15 years before coming to Holland First Assembly of God in Holland, MI now 17 years ago. I am a Multi Team Lead with H&R Block, managing three local offices. I also substitute teach at a local Charter School before and after tax season each year. I started both jobs the same day, 15 years ago. I love the ministry that I have outside of my church. I “pastor” my kids that I teach and also my employees. Some of them do not have a church so I do their hospital calls, etc. I love being able to use my ministry to the unsaved that I work so closely with. Seeds have been planted and I have experienced a lot of growth. I know that I am in my mission field in the workplace.

What is your favorite memory from Evangel?

My favorite memory while at EU was being in the Revivaltime Choir. We traveled all over the country and this is where I met my husband. The joy of singing, traveling and ministering to people at the altars was life changing for me! Also, the many friendships I made while at Evangel are just priceless. It has also been a joy to see my son, Jake Houser attend and graduate from EU and also AGTS! Being able to visit the campus and area while he was in school was so fun! I also enjoyed seeing so many friends while there – the legacy that has been passed down generation after generation is wonderful! General Councils are like a big family reunion! What a blessing!

How did Evangel help you identify/develop your calling?

EU gave me the ability to truly make my relationship with God my own. The chapel services, the floor devotions, and the relationships I built were EXACTLY what God had in mind when He led me to EU!

How did your experience at Evangel prepare you for life after graduation?

The hands on training for ministry was incredible. I also gained so much knowledge working in my practicum at Crosslines. Crosslines was a food and clothing bank in Springfield. I was the first paid employee and was able to train over 60 volunteers to run the daily operations. Working with a local pastor from a different denomination was also beneficial. I would say that it was an amazing experience!

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

Remember that WHEREVER you land, that is your mission field! God will place you in positions that only HE can set up! My degree in Mental Health has given me the tools I need to work with troubled students and also clients from all walks of life. God has a plan for your life. It may look totally different than what you thought it would be BUT if you keep Him at the center, you will be so blessed and it will most likely exceed anything you had hoped for!

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates from Evangel?

I would look for DRIVE! Go get ‘em personalities, people who love people, friendly, honest, full of integrity, compassionate and OVER achievers! This is something I always tell my students… ”Be an OVER achiever! Go the extra mile! Do MORE than you are asked to do and make sure you always do your best!” In a society where it is difficult to find these type of people, if you are one of them, you WILL stand out! Walk in your calling! Be Jesus with skin on!