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Evangel offers new Summer School incentive

Published on Feb 12, 2015 by Paul K. Logsdon

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Evangel University has announced a pilot program for its 2015 Summer School, which could offer significant savings for traditional undergrad students.

“Whether you are a senior needing to finish those final graduation requirements, a student working to accelerate a program, or someone new to the university, this summer school program is designed to help you,” said Dr. Tilahun Adera, provost.

The program encourages students to enroll in more than one class — either seated or online — by offering a 50% tuition reduction beyond the first three credit hours taken this summer.

“Evangel is committed to finding innovative ways to help students get through their four-year program as efficiently as possible,” said Adera. “It is not uncommon for students to take one summer class. With this pilot program, we are encouraging them to take three or four this summer.”

Evangel’s summer school is divided into two five-week sessions. The first three credit hours this summer will be charged at the normal summer school rate. Every credit hour after that will be reduced by 50%.

“Summer School students could easily take two classes per session, earn 12 credit hours, and enjoy a significant savings,” said Dr. Mike McCorcle, chair of the Science and Technology Department.

“This summer, students could be well on their way to shaving a semester off of their college career, adding another major, or earning additional certifications,” he said.

The “Fine Print”

“This is a pilot program open to both active EU and non-EU undergraduate students,” said Adera.

“It is applicable to both seated and online courses, with the understanding that courses have minimum enrollment requirements to ‘make.’ Our goal is to benefit our students by having more classes make.”

Students receiving affiliate or employee discounts will not be eligible for this additional pilot program savings.

Current undergrad students can register at their student portal. Prospective students may call (417) 865-2188 ext. 7300, or apply online.

• The deadline for summer school registration is April 30, 2015.

• The first summer session at Evangel will run from Tuesday, May 5, to Friday, June 5.

• The second summer session will run from Monday, June 8, to Thursday, July 9.

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