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Students partner with Convoy of Hope for “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” cleanup projects

Published on Aug 23, 2015 by Paul K. Logsdon

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Evangel University welcomed new students to campus on Friday and the very next day, had them volunteering in the Springfield community, as a part of Convoy of Hope’s “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” initiative.

Approximately 400 students gathered at noon on Saturday, August 22, 2015, in Evangel’s chapel, to get their assignments. Soon after, they dispersed by bus to nearby neighborhoods for an afternoon of community service.

New student community service projects are a long-standing tradition at Evangel.

“We’re thrilled to once again work with Convoy of Hope to impact the Springfield community,” says Christy Rowden, activities director for Evangel. “Such service is an important part of the Evangel mission and experience.”

Service projects

Evangel University students worked on Saturday at Bowerman Elementary, Williams Elementary, the Fairbanks Community Center and at the Convoy of Hope warehouse on Paterson.

Other groups cleared brush, mowed yards, hauled trash and provided other services in a variety of homes throughout the Grant Beach and Watkins Neighborhoods.

The former Fairbanks Elementary School (1126 Broadway Ave.) is being renovated into a Community Center. A large group of Evangel University students hauled debris and scrubbed several rooms from top to bottom, including the kitchen and office area. They also helped recycle lumber, plumbing and electrical supplies from gutted rooms.

In addition, several students worked in the neighborhood garden, located behind Fairbanks.

Another group of students cleared brush from fence rows and trimmed bushes at three homes on Scott Street.

In the Watkins Neighborhood, students worked at the Williams Elementary School and cleared debris from several homes in the area.

Convoy of Hope, the Grant Beach neighborhood and the Watkins Neighborhood hosted a barbecue and games for kids at their respective parks from 4 to 6:30 p.m., and Evangel’s students joined them at that time.

  • Zone 1 Councilwoman Phyllis Ferguson, where the Grant Beach and Watkins neighborhoods are located, is co-sponsoring this  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Day.
  • Zone 4 Councilman Craig Fishel is mobilizing volunteers from his council area, including staff from his company, to help in the hauling off of trash and debris.

Founded in 1955, Evangel is the national University of arts, sciences and professions of the Assemblies of God.

EU officials anticipate enrolling students from 48 states this fall. In addition, there will be students from numerous foreign countries, including Antigua, Bahamas, China, Congo, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Moldova, Russia, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. (Missing states are Rhode Island and Vermont.)


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