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College of Arts and Sciences Community Covenant

Evangel University, College of Arts and Sciences, Community Covenant

Evangel University is committed to the integration of faith, learning, and life and attracts students from a wide variety of Christian religious backgrounds. We treasure this diversity as we educate and equip students to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the church and society globally. Together, we build on our common belief in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in our desire to holistically serve Him in mind, body, and soul. Further, we support the distinctive mission of our heritage to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, worship God, disciple believers, and show compassion. These beliefs which align with those of our parent organization, the Assemblies of God Fellowship and our focus on healthy and safe living, provide a framework for the spiritual, academic, and behavioral expectations at Evangel University.

All members choose to become a part of this community, and upon making that choice, commit to growth as they purposefully and intentionally live to love God and serve others. Additionally, for the duration of their tenure at Evangel, pledge to abide by the following community standards.

  1. Demonstrate personal, social, academic, and professional integrity; avoiding destructive behaviors such as lying, plagiarism, cheating, slander, profanity, intimidation, fighting, violence, abuse, gambling, hazing, violations of local, federal, and/or state law, etc.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle; abstaining from the possession or use of: alcoholic beverages, tobacco and/or smoking products, narcotic and/or hallucinogenic drugs (outside of a legal prescription), marijuana, paraphernalia, , as well as refraining from attendance at bars, nightclubs, and/or lounges.
  3. Uphold standards of sexual purity: not engaging in sexual activity prior to or outside of marriage, as recognized in the biblical covenant between a man and woman, or any behaviors whereby personal desire, satisfaction, and/or dominance (such as pornography, lust, exhibitionism, sexting, sexually-explicit dancing, etc.) supersede care for others and service to God.
  4. Strive to grow in personal relationship with Jesus Christ; prioritizing a private prayer and devotional life, attending and participating in church, and involvement in ministry/service opportunities. Spiritual formation is addressed through chapel attendance (33 per semester) and biblical studies coursework (18 credit hours).

We understand that our standards may be contrary to other worldviews and we do not seek to antagonize or disrespect those whose views differ from our interpretation. Likewise, we expect that all members, voluntarily choosing to be a part of Evangel University, will be able to live within these standards. Activism against or disregard of these community standards is a violation of that commitment. Students who engage in behavior that conflicts with the community standards are subject to disciplinary sanctions, as outlined in the College of Arts and Sciences Student Handbook. For a complete understanding of specific community standards and policies, please consult the Student Handbook.

We seek to care for all persons in ways that convey respect, concern, support, and accountability and pray that Evangel can be a place of healing, mentoring, guidance, and restoration. We further expect this community of believers to extend grace and care as we strive to honor God in all we do and say.

Checking the “I have read” box on the application affirms your commitment to faithfully abide by Evangel University’s Community Covenant.