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Physical Science

Do you have an interest in the study of chemistry and physics, yet want to pursue another major? Our physical science minor is for you!

Our physical science minor equips you with a foundational understanding of both chemistry and physics. This minor is a great enhancement to any major course of study, even in a non-science related field. Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are a key element of this program, and a great asset in any vocational endeavor.

Our experienced professors will instruct you in practical courses such as general chemistry, general physics, and engineering physics. You will gain skills in both the theories of chemistry and physics, as well as the hands-on application of both.

An integration of faith and science will allow you to fulfill your purpose while excelling in your chosen career path.

Potential Careers

A minor is a secondary field of interest that is meant to complement your academic major. While your major is chosen for your intended career choice, your minor may be something you pursue for your personal interest or to augment your major.

An interest and knowledge of science may enhance any profession and be beneficial in bringing understanding to many community projects.

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