Our Natural and Applied Sciences department provides comprehensive training in the science-focused area of your choosing so you’ll be able to serve humanity through the sciences.

Experienced professors provide both hands-on and practical training using the latest technology and methods. Opportunities for internships, seminars, and lab work prepare you for graduate studies or entry directly into your career field.

You will be challenged to develop your Christian worldview as you thoughtfully consider how faith and science are instrumental in a holistic view of creation and its purpose.

Applied Mathematics

Fine tune your analytical and problem solving skills and follow a career path in physics, chemistry, or biology. Major available.

Applied Science & Sustainability

Study the relationship between humans and the environment and learn more about environmental conservation through this degree program. Major and minor available.


Pursue your passion for science and advance your vocational calling through our practical and hands-on biology degree program. Major and minor available.

Biology Education

Foster a love of science in the minds of the next generation through our comprehensive Biology Education degree program. Major available.


Combine your interest in psychology and biology with this minor program designed to accelerate your career in the social services or the medical field. Minor available.


Expand your scientific knowledge with our comprehensive Chemistry degree that will challenge you to see the world of life sciences in a whole new way. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Chemistry Education

Combine your passion for science and your passion for education with our integrated Chemistry Education program. Major available.

Computer Science

Become a digital information technology expert and advance your vocational calling in the computer sciences field through our innovative degree program. Major available.

Healthcare – Nursing

Ignite your passion for helping others by launching your care-focused career through our comprehensive Health Care-Nursing degree program. Major available.


Put your love of numbers to work for you with a career in mathematics through our comprehensive degree program. Major, minor, concentration available.

Mathematics Education

Inspire the next generation of students with a passion for numbers via our rigorous Mathematics Education degree program. Major available.

Physical Science

Gain a foundational understanding of chemistry and physics while pursuing a separate major course of study through our physical science minor program. Minor available.


Pursue our physics program and advance your vocational calling in a science related field, as an educator, or in engineering or computer science. Minor and concentration available.


Gain foundational skills for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders through our pre-chiropractic track that combines the study of biology and the nervous system. Major available.


Implement compassionate care as you learn foundational components of dental health and treatment through our Pre-Dentistry degree track. Major available.


Prepare to launch your engineering career through our specially designed track that will provide you with foundational knowledge to design solutions for technical problems. Major available.


Combine your passion for compassionate care with your desire to pursue a career in medicine through our comprehensive pre-medicine program. Major available.

Pre-Nursing A.A.

Fast-track your career in the nursing field as you provide compassionate care to those in need with our innovative pre-nursing associate’s degree program.

Pre-Occupational Therapy: Biology Track

Pursue a career in helping individuals cope with the effects of injury, disease, and disability as they regain independence through our innovative pre-occupational therapy track. Major available.


Pursue a career in optometry and deliver compassionate service to people seeking eye care and treatment through our comprehensive pre-optometry track. Major available.


Gain the training needed to pursue pharmacy school and a career in the healthcare industry. Major available.

Pre-Physical Therapy: Biology Track

Pursue a rewarding career as a physical therapist and combine your passion for helping others with your interest in this science-related field. Major available.

Pre-Physician Assistant

Pursue a career as a physician assistant and gain a foundational understanding of medical science and biology through our integrated pre-physician assistant track. Major available.


Build a career by caring for the health and well-being of animals through our innovative pre-veterinary program. Major available.