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The Teaching minor is appropriate for traditional undergraduate students with interests in education not related to a teaching certification. Students who are not seeking teacher certification pursue coursework for the minor related to education as a discipline, to study forms of learning within and outside educational institutions. The minor will give students a foundational knowledge of a wide range of important topics and issues in education.

An understanding of these issues will help students in many different majors and is ideal for those planning a career in public service, law, politics, business, psychology, health care, and other humanities and social science fields. The Teaching minor will benefit and applies to students who may, for example, want a future career in educational spaces, such as museum settings; libraries; coaching; social work; advocacy; community development; and working with specialized populations.

The Teaching minor will equip traditional undergraduate students with a basic understanding of teaching. It is designed for non-education majors. Undergraduates who pursue the Teaching minor will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of teaching and educational practices. Through this minor, students will gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of the educational world around them. The education minor is not part of a licensure program and does not result in a teaching license or certification. This minor is not for Education majors seeking state certification.


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