That’s why the mission of Evangel’s Education Department is to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of the Christian teacher.

All of Evangel’s teacher education programs are accredited and approved by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Educators serving as specialists and administrators target Evangel for values-rich master’s programs. Graduate programs in Educational Leadership, Literacy, School Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction Leadership, along with a doctoral program in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction prepare instructors to dive deeper into their chosen area of focus. These programs equip and empower our future school leaders.

Education graduates are instilled with a fierce dedication to reaching the needs of students, the local community and the world. The process is driven by highly qualified professors that have academic knowledge as well as practical and robust classroom experience.

Students find that all Education programs are dedicated to shaping caring, committed educators who integrate Christian faith and God’s calling with passionate professionalism in the broad field of education to change the world.

Student Teaching Handbook

Handbook for Education Majors

Year-long Student Teaching Internships

Art Education

Use your creative talent to help others develop theirs. With our Art Education degree program, you’ll be prepared to teach art in grades K-12. Major available.

Biology Education

Foster a love of science in the minds of the next generation through our comprehensive Biology Education degree program. Major available.

Business Education

The world of education needs business savvy educators. Our program combines business principles with educational training so you’ll make an impact in the classroom. Major available.

Chemistry Education

Combine your passion for science and your passion for education with our integrated Chemistry Education program. Major available.

Childcare & Development A.A.

Make an impact in the classroom as you combine your passion for education and your love of children via our innovative associate’s degree program.

Communication Arts Education

Pursue your passion for the art of communication in a classroom context via our Communication Arts Education degree program. Major available.

Disability Studies

Enhance your chosen major with specialized study in how to effectively engage with and empower people with disabilities. Minor available.

Early Childhood Education

Inspire a love of learning in the hearts and minds of young children through our comprehensive Early Childhood Education degree program. Comprehensive Major available.

Elementary Education

Become immersed in the discipline, culture, and passion of teaching and learning through our engaging and immersive Elementary Education program. Major available.

English Education

You’ll graduate ready to get your secondary school teacher certification and teach nationally or internationally through our comprehensive English Education degree program. Major available.

French Education

Put your passion for the French language to work as a foreign language teacher in grades K-12 with our comprehensive French Education degree program. Major available.

Mathematics Education

Inspire the next generation of students with a passion for numbers via our rigorous Mathematics Education degree program. Major available.

Middle School Education

Play a pivotal role in shaping the intellect and emotional development of tomorrow’s leaders through our dual-certification Middle School Education program. Major available.

Physical Education (K-12)

If your passion is teaching or coaching students, the Physical Education degree will put you on track to fulfill your calling. Major available.

Social Science Education

Prepare for your certification to teach social sciences in public or private secondary schools through our comprehensive degree program. Major available.

Special Education/Cross-Categorical Disabilities

Learn the foundational skills needed to provide a meaningful and compassionate education to students with disabilities through our innovative minor program. Minor available.

Theatre/Speech Education

Combine your passion for the performing arts, your love of persuasive communication, and your penchant for teaching through our innovative program. Major available.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction (Online)

Educators with a deep understanding of curriculum and technology provide leadership to shape the future of education. Our Doctor of Education Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction equips you to be an effective leader who leaves a lasting impact on the field of education.

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Leadership (Online)

Highly skilled educators shape today’s students while anticipating and preparing for the needs of tomorrow. Our Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction equips you with the latest instruction and curriculum design techniques so you can become an innovative teacher-leader who effectively meets the learning challenges of an ever-changing world.

Master of Education in Educational Leadership (Online)

If you’re a big-picture thinker with a desire to impact students across all grade levels, consider becoming a principal with the help of our Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree.

Master of Education in Literacy (Online)

Teachers with a deep understanding of literacy can offer students a future filled with possibilities. Our Master of Education in Literacy prepares you to become a certified reading specialist equipped to work in classrooms, Title I schools, and in interventionist and administrative roles.

School Psychological Examiner Certification

Our School Psychological Examiner Certification will prepare you to to competently administer, score, and interpret standardized test instruments as well as to write up reports when determining students’ eligibility for specialized services.