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Education Department

The educators of today shape our leaders and world of tomorrow.


The mission of Evangel’s Education Department is to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of the Christian teacher.

All of Evangel’s teacher education programs are accredited and approved by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Our teacher preparation programs prepare the next generation of educators to compassionately educate today's students using the most up-to-date and research-based pedagogy, skills, and strategies. Future teachers are equipped and empowered with skills and strategies to meet the needs of PreK-12th grade learners.

Educators aspiring to serve as leaders, specialists, and administrators target Evangel for values-rich graduate programs. Graduate programs in Educational Leadership, Literacy, School Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction Leadership, along with a doctoral program in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction prepare instructors to dive deeper into their chosen area of focus. These programs equip and empower our future school leaders.

Education graduates are instilled with a fierce dedication to reaching the needs of students, the local community and the world. The process is driven by highly qualified professors that have academic knowledge as well as practical and robust classroom experience.

Students find that all Education programs are dedicated to shaping caring, committed educators who integrate Christian faith and God's calling with passionate professionalism in the broad field of education to change the world.

Achieve of Southwest Missouri

Achieve is a comprehensive transition program designed to empower those with disabilities, ages 18-25, to succeed in life after high school. Achieve partners with Evangel to provide classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities in life management, career exploration and self-determination. For more information, visit Achieve’s website.

Education Department Program List

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Student Testimonial

Photo of Nicole Gore

The real-world experience I received in the Education Department by participating in a year-long student internship placement was outstanding. I was able to correlate academic learning with real-life scenarios from the classroom, which enhanced my development as a future educator!

Nicole Gore


Department Chair

Shonna Crawford, Ph.D.

Education Department Chair & Professor of Education

Full Time Faculty

Gordon Pace, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, Coordinator of Education Strategic Partnerships

Chanda Clayman, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Suzie Thomason

Assistant Professor of Education in Early Childhood; Early Childhood Program Coordinator

Matt Stringer, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Educational Leadership Program

Kelly Sutherland, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, Coordinator of Graduate Curriculum & Instruction Leadership Program

Eddie Noack, Ed.S.

Assistant Professor - Special Education Program Coordinator

Susan Langston, Ed.D.

Professor of Education; Coordinator of Doctoral Educational Leadership, Curriculum, & Instruction Program

Andrea Hughes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Literacy, Coordinator of Graduate Literacy Program

Adjunct Faculty

Erin McAninch

Adjunct Faculty

Karyn Christy

Adjunct Professor

Rebecca Huechteman, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Debra Yonke, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Rebecca Donaldson, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Ryan Mahn

Adjunct Professor

Kaitlyn Baker

Adjunct Professor

Jessica McKeever

Adjunct Professor

Stephanie Walters

Adjunct Professor

Faith Swickard

Adjunct Professor

Craig Carson, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Department Admin

Darla Pritchett

Department Admin

Shannon Holgerson

Field Placement & Data Coordinator

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